Emily Fournier

Director of Creative Strategy

Emily Fournier

Emily Fournier

As Fruition’s Lead Digital Strategist for the Creative teams, Emily ensures our clients’ strategies and campaigns are impactful and engaging. With a background in content marketing, Emily is passionate about storytelling and capturing the unique voice, tone, and perspective of various brands. Her time as a copywriter for a Fortune 250 company deepened her love of content creation and sharpened her skills for writing everything from advertisements and press releases to video scripts and more. At Fruition, Emily designs and executes short- and long-term content strategies for each client across channels. She carefully crafts and optimizes blogs, web pages, emails, social media posts, and other online content to build her clients’ brand image and create a connection with their customers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and calligraphy!


Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology & Spanish - University of Denver Master of the Arts in Curriculum & Instruction - University of Denver

Fun Facts from Emily

“I love the variety of our clients. It gives me the opportunity to do something new and creative every day.”