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Having been at this for 20 years we've developed a solid set of operating principles. Not just technical and standard operating procedures those are pretty easy, but cultural principals.

Do you hire neurodiverse individuals?+

Yes! Fruition has a long history of not only hiring neuro diverse individuals but seeking them out. We believe the best form of diversity is those that think in different ways, that solve problems in different ways, and that communicate differently. This helps us generate the best results.

Do you hire outside of the US?+

Our core team is in the U.S. with most of our team in Colorado. However, we do have a few very key team members outside of the US including in Italy and Ecuador. We are interested in finding the right people at the right time.

What's your tech stack?+

Great question! We roll by using tried and true technologies for our clients and consistently play with bleeding edge technologies for our own projects. For example, this site is headless with some unique API driven interactions. We've rolled out our own ERC token for a rewards program and we have own AI / LLM setup for our sales and marketing teams.