3 Resources for Amazing Mobile Commerce Stats

Mobile commerce, or M-Commerce, is expected to drive e-commerce sales in 2015. Around the globe, mobile web users are shopping more and more often on their smartphones. Because mobile sales are projected to steadily increase over the next 12 months, optimizing your e-commerce website for mobile now is the best way to capitalize on this growing and diverse sector of shoppers. This means making your website as mobile-friendly as possible!

As we look forward to a year filled with m-commerce, let’s take a look a some of the facts and figures supporting this mobile movement.

Here are THREE great resources for m-commerce stats:

1. State of Mobile Commerce

2. 50 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts & Statistics

3. 21 Mobile Commerce Statistic Every Consumer Brand Should Know


If you’re interested in seeing how your website fares out on mobile, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can provide initial insight into whether your website is ready for m-commerce or not. Google also provides a speed test for mobile and desktop that is important to pay attention to. 

Test Your Mobile-Friendliness Test Your Page Speed

If you’d like to learn more about optimizing your e-commerce site for m-commerce, please contact the Fruition team! We want to help you build the best mobile version of your website possible.

Ready for M-Commerce?

The E-Commerce and Magento experts at Fruition want to help you create a mobile website that efficiently converts mobile traffic into SALES. Please tell us more about your brand and where you'd like to see your mobile sales go.

Post by Taylor Hansen, Featured Image Courtesy of helloolly on Pixabay – Creative Commons

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