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20 years of Incremental Gains and Learnings

Case Study 1: Website Content Revisions to Increase Traffic

C Lazy U Ranch, one of Colorado's top luxury guest ranches, has been a long-term partner of Fruition. Recently, we approached them with an idea to revamp their blog content and create a new content pillar focused on "Western Living." Our goal was to help them increase their SEO traction, attract more site visitors, and raise awareness of their ranch among those interested in western and dude ranch culture. We were excited to bring this idea to the client and collaborate with them to make it a reality. This work resulted in a 37% increase in pageviews!

Case Study 2: Digital Transformation of a Large Regional Eyecare Provider

Fruition spearheaded a full digital transformation for a healthcare provider that had traditionally relied on discrete manual processes. We automated critical marketing and patient communication systems, reduced administrative overhead, and incorporated programmatic scheduling to facilitate patient-provider interactions. The digital overhaul led to an industry leading less than 3% spend on IT and marketing along with improved efficiencies. Leveraging this strong organic growth and industry leading low operating cost this healthcare provider was sold to a large private equity firm.

Case Study 3: Scaling Up a Startup with Search Engine Optimization

A newly established, and well funded, robotics tech startup approached us for help in gaining online visibility. Fruition deployed a comprehensive SEO strategy, optimizing their web content, leveraging high-value keywords, and refining their backlink strategy. Within a year, the startup saw a 200% increase in organic traffic and moved up to the first page of search engine results for several key search terms.

Case Study 4: Comprehensive Brand Strategy for a Leading Restaurant Equipment Manufacture

Etundra a leading online marketplace in the restaurant equipment and supplies industry was seeking to boost revenue. By implementing a revamped Google Ads campaign we were able to achieve a ROAS of $4. Fruition helped achieve success for the leading online restaurant equipment marketplace by achieving their revenue goals in just three months.

Case Study 5: Quasi Government Entity WordPress Website Redesign and Security

E470, a toll road operation, in Colorado needed an updated and secured WordPress website. Fruition redesigned, rebuilt, and implemented an improved system for managing the process including a unique implementation for traffic cameras. The improved management of streaming videos greatly reduced cost and usability for visitors to their website.

Case Study 6: 9News Visualization Website for the Marshall Fires

NBC Affiliate 9news needed a unique react based visualization tool to tell a story by plotting the hundreds of hours of video filmed during the devastating Marshall fires. Fruition's frontend developers built a fantastic platform that is available on 9News.

Case Study 7: SEO Audit for a Large E-commerce Platform

We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit for a large e-commerce platform suffering from organic traffic stagnation. By identifying and rectifying technical SEO issues, improving site structure, and refining on-page SEO, we achieved significant organic growth by reorganizating and combining certain sections of the site. The improved SEO structure helped with product listings and bringing structure to their large product lists.

Case Study 8: Website Redesign, Marketing, and Security for the Largest Medical Charity in the World

Project C.U.R.E is the largest provider of donated medical equipment in the world. Project C.U.R.E needed an updated website to ensure volunteers, donors, and those in needed could get the information they needed. Project C.U.R.E also needed to extend their mission which was accomplished with a comprehensive SEO and Adwords campaign. Further, Project C.U.R.E is a target for state based malicious actors because of their medical donations in conflict zones. Fruition provides hosting and cybersecurity support. Project C.U.R.E has consistently grown organic traffic by 35% year-over-year resulting in a significant increase in donations.

Case Study 9: Second Largest Computer Processors in the World

AMD the second largest computer processor manufacture in the world needed a new corporate website. Fruition delivered that website ahead of schedule and under budget.

Case Study 10: Mobile-First Website for a Tech Startup

Recognizing the dominance of mobile browsing, a tech startup approached us to create a mobile-first website. We focused on delivering a responsive design, fast load times, and an intuitive UI. As a result, the startup saw a 50% increase in mobile traffic and a 30% increase in overall site conversions.

Case Study 11: Corporate Website Development for a B2B Company

A B2B company required a professional and informative corporate website to showcase their services and establish industry authority. We developed a website with a clean, sleek design, a robust content strategy, and integrated lead generation features. The new site led to a 45% increase in business inquiries and a 20% boost in page dwell time.

Case Study 12: Fintech Brand Impressions Increased by an Impressive 774%

A client in the fintech space received a staggering 1800% increase in brand impressions through a revamped paid media campaign in late 2022. This work resulted in a significant increase in conversions and very high ROI!

We Value our Clients Success, It's Part of Our Culture

At Fruition, we understand that success is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Each of our clients comes with unique challenges and potential, and we are dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions that deliver real, measurable results. It's not just about big wins—it's about sustainable, ongoing growth that supports our clients for years to come. Together, we build success stories. Let's write yours.

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