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Open-source Web Development with Experts Fisher, Belanger At Fruition
Delve into Fruition's commitment to advanced open-source web development. Find out how industry experts Benji Fisher and Ian Belanger steer the team towards creating innovative, cutting-edge sites.

How Fruition Stays On The Cutting Edge Of Web Development

Fruition’s award-winning development team relies on open-source platforms like WordPress and Drupal. In addition to using, contributing to, and supporting open-source platforms, Fruition recently hired two open-source leaders to strengthen our team’s knowledge and skillset.

Open-source Leadership

Fruition recently welcomed two leaders in the open-source community to our team: Benji Fisher and Ian Belanger. As leaders in the Drupal and WordPress communities, respectively, Benji and Ian use their expertise and insight to help the team create innovative and intuitive websites. Benji Fisher joined the Fruition team as a Senior Drupal Developer. As a co-maintainer of the migration system in Drupal core, Benji runs weekly Drupal meetings with the migration subsystem team, documents each session, engages with the community, and reviews patches for suggested code changes. His scrutiny and evaluation help the team update Drupal quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Ian Belanger is Fruition’s Senior WordPress Developer. As a component maintainer for bundled themes in WordPress, Ian tracks theme updates, fixes theme bugs, submits new code, and reviews patches from the community. His work to improve WordPress’s themes has given him an intimate understanding of the platform, which helps give Fruition direction on WordPress site builds.

Expert Web Development

Benji and Ian’s extensive experience in their respective platforms helps guide Fruition’s development team, troubleshoot issues, and help us anticipate changes or updates. Thanks to their knowledge, the development team continues to streamline efforts to deliver client sites in a timely manner. For example, when the development team encounters an error message or issue, Benji and Ian investigate the platform’s open issues and update queue. This allows Fruition to better understand when an issue will be fixed through an update or if our team should write unique code to address the issue.

Creating Better Websites With Open-source Software

Open-source communities are just that - a community of passionate developers who want to help others create better sites. When asked why people should get involved with the open-source community, both Benji and Ian celebrated the strength of the community: “The WordPress community is very open to helping with issues. If you’ve never asked the community questions before, don’t be nervous - everyone who’s answering has been in your shoes. I encourage everyone who wants to know more about the platform to get involved.” - Ian Belanger “Karma is real! If you’re actively helping people who need it, people will be more likely to help you when you have a question. This can be a real benefit if you’re working through an issue you don’t know the answer to.” - Benji Fisher Ian and Benji’s backgrounds help strengthen the Fruition team and enable us to build better websites every day. If you’re interested in creating cutting-edge sites using open-source platforms, we’d love to speak with you. View our open positions today!

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