Ari Scott

Lead UX Designer

Ari Scott

UX Lead at Fruition

Ari Scott is Fruition’s Lead UX Designer. With previous experience as both an interaction and UX designer, Ari is adept at creating innovative and user-friendly website and application designs. At Fruition, Ari works closely with clients to understand their business goals and strategies, and helps them decide how to approach their website redesign or product build. Passionate about both data and creativity, Ari’s work strikes the perfect balance between unique design and ease-of-use. Ari’s empathetic and user-first approach helps him construct custom information architecture, user flow diagrams, and design mockups that fit each client’s target customer base. Outside of the office, Ari enjoys pickleball, racquetball, cooking, hiking, and boardgames.


Master of Arts in Digital Media - University of Denver

Fun Fact from Ari

“I really like the team and passion everyone has for their jobs. Everyone seems to care about what they are doing.”