Growth is our purpose. Clarity is our promise.

This is the starting point for learning about the inner workings of Fruition. This page helps those that are interested in joining the team through one of our marketing or development career openings, merging or selling your digital agency, or partnering with Fruition to grow your business.

At Fruition we love to

Meet deadlines by GSD’ing and communicating progress, even if it is imperfect progress.

Team members at Fruition bookmark this page to jump off to various repositories of information related to excelling at Fruition.

Fruition’s Mission

Fruition’s mission is to get companies online, to keep them online, and to use the Internet as their competitive advantage.

Fruition’s Ideal Client is a successful business that needs a digital partner to grow their business. Fruition is not a business strategy firm. If you don’t know what your business is we are not the right fit. Fruition excels with complex projects that require a full range of digital marketing and full stack development.

Fruition Focuses On health care, travel & hospitality, ecommerce, and business to business. Fruition generates hundreds of millions of dollars of sales in these verticals and knows what it takes to win. In these industries, Fruition creates transformational digital products (websites & apps) for its clients that translates into significant enterprise value.

Getting Hired at Fruition

Fruition’s hiring process is not easy to get through. It is designed to ensure a good fit for the candidate and for Fruition and Fruition’s clients. We do not want a candidate joining the team if it isn’t a good fit. While the process is hard, it is also fair. We do not play games. Literally, we’re not going to give you a silly puzzle that will have no correlation with the work that you will be doing. The outcome of the hiring process is a great culture and talent fit.

Logistically, you will have at least 4 interviews before you receive an offer to join the team. You’ll need unanimous sign-off from at least 4 teammates and from the CEO & CFO before an offer is presented to you.


Fruition’s onboarding process ensures that all FRUITION team members experience the same initial training and introduction to the company. This enables them to quickly become effective and efficient and to understand what it takes to become successful at Fruition through the proper behaviors (kicking ass) and skill set (always be improving).

  • Onboarding Overview (login required)
  • Onboarding Process (login required)
  • Onboarding Checklist (login required)
  • Onboarding 1 on 1 Checklist (login required)
  • Dress Code – “Colorado Business Nice” – We made this name up. Dress for the event. If you’re meeting with bankers wear a sport coat. If you’re meeting with a ski company where a plaid flannel shirt and straight bill hat. Generally, this means fairly casual but nice and not sloppy. We do allow shorts on days when the temperature is going to be over 90.

We’re always looking for talented teammates to join Fruition. Even if you don’t see a position that you think fits your skill set reach out anyway and let us know what you are exceptional at. You can find open positions at

Org Chart

Having a “flat” org chart sounds great until you don’t know who can answer a question for you. With proper training and a servant first leadership style a proper org chart brings clarity to the team. Here is Fruition’s org chart (login required).

Fundamentals of Performance at Fruition

1. We demand exceptional work at all times

“Gray Men” are not tolerated. Gray Men are those that do not continuously improve. They are stuck on autopilot. Autopilot is fine if you’re brushing your teeth. If you’re writing code that drives an autonomous car then you cannot be on autopilot or it will fail or a competitor will write better code.

2. We own the 20 sq ft of space around us

We ruthlessly protect our 20 sq ft of space. Meaning we all own the 20 sq ft around us. In that 20 sq ft we do not tolerate any Blaming, Complaining, or Defending (“BCD”). Present solutions not problems.

3. Acronyms to know

We understand that our interactions with teammates and clients is represented by this equation Event+Response=Outcome (E+R=O). There is an Event and it is our Response that matters. When there is an Event and we Respond to it creates the Outcome. What is the Outcome that we want? How do we get to that Outcome? It is always by having an intentional (not impulsive), purposeful, and skillful response. E+R=O.



4. Clarity

Leaders clearly state what each team member must do to excel, how they are measured, and how they can improve in near real time. Annual reviews are not tolerated. We demand a high level of performance. If the performance is not delivered leaders must make intelligent and deliberate changes to meet those goals.

Fruition’s culture is defined here:

Words we care about

Grit: We are tenacious in our pursuit of excellence, girt is core to that tenacity. We define grit as the positive trait of an individual’s passion for a particular goal or desired outcome coupled with a powerful motivation, ongoing endurance and resilience to achieve.

Accountability: Fruition does not have single contributors, the success of an individual, a client, a project, a campaign is determined by the collective team. Individual accountability is a necessity. Accountability is the obligation of an individual to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them and disclose results in a transparent manner.

Clarity: Is our lifeline that connects us to understanding and frees us from ambiguity. Confusion is a choice, when something is unclear ask for clarity.

Agility: Our world, clients, industry are constantly changing, this requires us to be innovative, fluid and flexible to respond rapidly to changes in our internal and external environments without loosing momentum, vision or clarity.

Fun: We do work hard, but we also like to have fun, with each other and with our clients. Fun is not ping pong tables in the office. Ping pong tables are a distraction. Fun is seeing a client beat their competitors or exceed one of their target KPIs. Here’s an example of fun: “with out Fruition we would have been down year over year. Instead we grew 30% this year and our profit increased 15%.” That is what fun looks like at Fruition.

Delivering exceptional work for clients

The client isn’t always right. That’s why they hired us. It is Fruition’s job to analyze the situation and offer the best solution for the client. We also don’t know the client’s business as well as they know it. It is our job to digest the information provided by the client and append it with our expertise. If we disagree with a client we document why we disagree and we inform the client. If the client makes a decision that goes against what we advise we tell them that we understand and that we’re on-board 100% to make their decision the winning solution. “I told you so” never enters our mind.

We demand that we treat clients with the utmost professionalism and courtesy and we demand that in return. We are always accountable to clients. If we mess up or break something we own it.

Communication with Clients

  • Clients deserve timely and proactive communication. The cadence of communications with clients is critical. We error on the side of oversharing.
  • Communication should be thorough with clear goals that were accomplished or what is preventing the issue from being solved.
  • Communication must not hold back – if something is wrong we tell the client.
  • Clients shall never hear “we’re at an all-day meeting and can’t get back to you today.” Clients do not care what we are doing. They want to know that we are there for them and that if we don’t have an answer we’ll work expeditiously to get them one.

Career Progression

It takes years to be considered an expert at any given task. The 10,000 hour rule is a baseline. Fruition developed a career matrix that helps team members understand where they are at and help guide them with their career progression.

Systems that Fruition uses

  • Fruition uses Lastpass for password sharing. You’ll get an enterprise account. We require two factor authentication for everything.
  • Fruition uses Atlassian products for project management. The support desk is at
  • Fruition monitors its infrastructure at
  • Fruition’s HR and benefits information is at

Fruition’s Business Units

Fruition is organized into 5 business units:

  1. Development (programmers/engineers),
  2. Marketing (seo, paid, social),
  3. Sales,
  4. SaaS/innovation, and
  5. UX/design.

Fruition’s Growth Goal

A fundamental building block of meeting Fruition’s growth is delivering an exceptional client experience and developing innovative software delivered as a service to clients.

      Annual revenue growth of 30%

Innovation Management

Fruition’s Innovation Management team, the Growth Birds, makes buy or build decisions to support the operations team. Fruition innovates on top of our core competencies to create efficiency for clients driving profitability.




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