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Website Help Desk Services for WordPress & Drupal

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24/7 support to keep your website updated, secure, and working optimally

Custom Website Support Services
Our WordPress & Drupal support services can be scaled up or down to support your needs. Whether you need round-the-clock operational support or occasional help in updating your site, optimizing functionality, troubleshooting one-off issues, and keeping your site secure, we can help.
All-Inclusive Website Help Desk
Our all-inclusive FruCare packages include 24/7 support and monitoring, website updates, security audits, and more to give you the peace of mind that your website is working as it should. We proactively address potential vulnerabilities and implement best practices to ensure your site stays secure and protected.
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Website Help Desk Solutions FAQ

Fruition's help desk services are designed to support businesses and governments that rely on WordPress and Drupal for their website management. Our team of experienced professionals provides expert assistance, ensuring the smooth operation, security, and maintenance of your website, enabling you to focus on your core responsibilities.

How does Fruition handle security for WordPress and Drupal websites?+

Fruition takes website security seriously. Our help desk team performs regular security audits, implements best practices, and proactively addresses potential vulnerabilities to ensure your WordPress or Drupal website remains secure and protected.

What kind of maintenance support does Fruition provide for WordPress and Drupal websites?+

Fruition offers comprehensive maintenance support, including regular updates for core, themes, and plugins, website performance optimization, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise, ensuring your website runs efficiently and without interruption.

Can Fruition help with hosting support for WordPress and Drupal websites?+

Yes, Fruition provides hosting support, ensuring optimal server configuration, efficient resource allocation, and swift resolution of any hosting-related issues for your WordPress or Drupal website.

How will Fruition ensure that our WordPress website is continuously updated, secure, and optimized for our users' experience?+

Our people, processes, and systems are setup for this very task. Our team gets to know your business and your website(s). This knowledge is backed by 20 years of process building which is then feed into our systems. Specific to keeping your WordPress or Drupal site up to date we have built pipelines that auto build your website when updates are available.

Our organization requires extensive custom functionality on our website. How can Fruition handle the development and maintenance of these custom elements?+

We have a team of skilled developers with extensive experience in WordPress development, including custom functionality. Whether you need custom plugins, themes, or other special features, we can build and maintain them. We adhere to strict coding standards, ensuring your custom elements are secure, efficient, and scalable. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support, so if you encounter any issues or require changes in the future, our team will be available to assist you promptly.

What steps does Fruition take to ensure that our WordPress website is compliant with the latest state and federal regulations?+

Fruition takes compliance very seriously. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest state and federal regulations, such as ADA, GDPR, CCPA, etc. We conduct regular audits of your website to ensure all features, including forms, cookies, and third-party integrations, meet these regulations. In addition, we provide training and documentation to your team, so everyone understands these compliance requirements and how they impact your website. If regulations change, we'll inform you promptly and take necessary actions to ensure continued compliance.

Fruition's WordPress and Drupal Help Desk Services

Our help desk team prioritizes the security of your WordPress or Drupal website, providing:

  • Regular security audits to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Implementation of best practices and security measures
  • Proactive monitoring and swift resolution of security threats
  • SSL certificate management and implementation


Fruition's help desk services ensure your website remains up-to-date and performs optimally:

  • Regular updates for WordPress or Drupal core, themes, and plugins
  • Website performance optimization and monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Database management and optimization

Hosting Support

We provide expert hosting support for your WordPress or Drupal website:

  • Optimal server configuration and resource allocation
  • Assistance with hosting migrations and upgrades
  • 24/7 monitoring and swift resolution of hosting-related issues
  • Scalability planning to accommodate website growth

Here are some examples of our various WordPress or Drupal help desk solutions:

  1. SMB Wordpress Help Desk Service: This plan includes help desk support (we call it our service desk), access to video tutorials and user guides, weekly security and performance checks, and help with minor theme and plugin issues. This is a typical setup if you just have a basic website that is not mission critical to your business. We also support smaller non-profit charities with our Basic Support Plan at a reduced rate.
  2. Key Business Help Desk: This plan includes all of the features of the basic plan, plus priority support and help with major theme and plugin issues. Including upgrades from PHP 7 to PHP 8. Most businesses that rely on WordPress need our key business support based on the number of updates they need to their sites and user support.
  3. Enterprise & Multi-site WordPress Help Desk Service: This plan includes all of the features of the basic and standard plans, plus additional support desk hours and proactive monitoring of security issues. It may include backups and help with complex WordPress customizations.
  4. Enterprise WordPress Support Services: This plan includes all of the features of the basic, standard, and professional plans, plus help with ecommerce setup and optimization, server-level support, and performance tuning. This is typically where Fruition’s government WordPress client’s require. It also includes the setup and monitoring of aggregated CMS and hosting logs for security monitoring.
  5. Government Services: We build and manage government WordPress websites. Our government WordPress projects include taking over maintenance for support & security, running migrations off of other platforms on to WordPress, and new builds. Our government WordPress services include maintenance and complex new builds including headless and API driven microservices with WordPress as the primary backend. We also provide ongoing support and work under FedRamp certification for hosting.

Drupal to WordPress Migrations

If you are migrating off of Drupal on to WordPress we have one of the strongest Drupal teams in the world and one of the strongest WordPress teams. This makes the migration off of Drupal easier.

Marketing Support is Available

If you need support for digital marketing we can do that as well. Half of our business is on the digital marketing site. We have many clients that get both digital marketing support and website support but not all. Businesses go through different phases of their growth. Our goal is for you to have one point of contact that you know will get the job done right for your regardless if it's SEO, paid media, or security for your website. We've worked hard to make that an option for you with Fruition.

We don't support Magento, Joomla, or Laravel

Because of shrinking demand we no longer support Magento, Joomla, or Laravel. We can migrate you off of these platforms. We have narrowed our focus to ensure we have the expertise needed.

How to get help for your WordPress or Drupal site

Just drop us a line with the contact form. We love chatting about websites and will give you are assessment of what you need.

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