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Headless Website Services Strapi & Wordpress Solutions

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Deliver an incredibly fast user experience with low overhead and high availability

Massively Scalable & Secure
We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver fast, scalable, and responsive websites that meet your unique needs. With our experience in Next.js, high traffic builds, and a variety of database solutions including mysql, nosql, and postgres, we’re well-positioned to create a website that’s highly optimized for performance, security, and search.
Strapi & WordPress Integration
As an open-source, fully customizable headless CMS, Strapi is our preferred CMS solution. Although WordPress has some limitations, its familiarity and robust plugin options make it a variable option for some organizations. Our experienced team will partner with you to understand your needs and suggest the CMS that best suits your ideal outcome.
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Headless CMS / Website FAQ

Here are a few headless CMS website FAQs that frequently pop up. If you have another question please feel free to ask. We love chatting about and building modern website solutions. We also know that at times you don't need the bleeding edge technology, you just need something that works.

Why choose a headless website architecture?+

Headless website architecture provides greater flexibility, improved performance, and enhanced scalability. It enables seamless integration with various technologies, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to future-proof their online presence.

What makes Strapi the preferred headless CMS solution?+

Strapi is an open-source, fully customizable headless CMS. It offers a powerful API, an intuitive user interface, and strong security features, making it an ideal solution for managing content across multiple platforms and devices.

Can Fruition work with WordPress as a headless platform?+

Yes, Fruition can work with WordPress as a headless platform. While it has some limitations compared to Strapi, WordPress's familiarity and robust plugin ecosystem make it a viable option for some businesses.

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Our team would be happy to chat with you about your headless project.

Modern Website Platforms

Fruition's development team is proficient in a variety of modern headless website development platforms and technologies, including:

  • Next.js: A top-tier React framework that enables us to build high-performance, server-rendered applications with ease
  • Gatsby: A powerful static site generator built on React, perfect for blazing-fast, SEO-friendly websites
  • Contentful: A leading headless CMS that allows for seamless content management and delivery across all your digital channels
  • Strapi: A flexible, open-source headless CMS that empowers developers and content creators alike
  • Netlify: A robust platform for deploying, hosting, and managing modern web projects with speed and reliability
  • Vercel: A cutting-edge platform designed to optimize and deploy modern web projects with ease and efficiency

Our Expertise in Modern Website Builds

Fruition's development team possesses a wide range of skills and expertise, including:

High Traffic Builds

Our developers are experienced in building and optimizing websites to handle high volumes of traffic, ensuring your site remains fast, stable, and secure under heavy loads.

Complex Database Solutions

We're proficient in a variety of database technologies, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and NoSQL, allowing us to choose the optimal solution for your project's needs.

Decoupled Architectures

Our team is adept at implementing decoupled architectures, separating your website's front-end and back-end to maximize performance, flexibility, and maintainability.

Modern Web Technologies

We stay current with the latest web development trends and best practices, ensuring your website is built using modern, future-proof technologies.

Our Website Services

Fruition offers a comprehensive suite of headless website development services, including:

Custom Web Development

Our developers will work with you to create a tailor-made website that aligns with your business goals and delivers an outstanding user experience.

Platform Building

When the project requirements require it we build custom web platforms from the ground up, ensuring your website is scalable, maintainable, and tailored to your unique requirements. With the many frameworks available to piece together projects from the proof of concept, to the minimally viable, to the full baked solutions our process, we're able to get your concept off the ground and running as quickly as possible while keeping the future needs under consideration.

Performance Optimization

Our team will optimize your website for speed and performance, implementing best practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure your site loads quickly and runs smoothly.

Responsive Design

We'll create a responsive design that ensures your website looks and performs beautifully on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

SEO & Accessibility

Our developers will ensure your website adheres to SEO best practices and accessibility standards, making it easy for users and search engines to find and navigate your site.

Continuous Deployment & Integration

Leveraging platforms like Netlify and Vercel, we'll implement continuous deployment and integration workflows that streamline the development process and ensure your site is always up-to-date.

Strapi: The Preferred Headless Solution

Our team of experts has extensive experience in building headless websites using Strapi, offering numerous benefits:

Open-source and fully customizable

  • Powerful API for seamless integration with various technologies
  • Intuitive user interface for easy content management
  • Strong security features to protect your data

WordPress: An Alternative Headless Platform

For businesses familiar with WordPress, we also provide headless website solutions using this popular platform. However, it's essential to consider some of its pros and cons:


  • Familiarity and ease of use for existing WordPress users
  • Extensive plugin ecosystem for added functionality
  • Large community support


  • Potential performance limitations compared to Strapi
  • May require custom development for advanced features
  • Security vulnerabilities due to third-party plugins

Fruition's headless website services empower your business to build flexible, high-performance, and scalable websites. With expertise in Strapi and WordPress solutions, we ensure your online presence is ready for the future. Reach out to our team to discuss your headless website project and discover how Fruition can help you achieve your digital goals.

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