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eCommerce Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

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Driving Ecommerce Success: Cross-Channel Strategies and Expert Integrations for Revenue Growth

Build a cross-channel strategy to drive traffic, build your following, and boost your revenue
Fruition's ecommerce expertise includes Drupal commerce, WordPress WooCommerce and Magento which we no longer recommend for any clients. We also create customized ecommerce solutions when the client's requirements do not fit into an off the shelf solution. We find that most clients do well with WooCommerce which gives them the ability to run an ecommerce store that can handle hundreds of thousands of SKUs, integration with backend systems, and the ease of use of WordPress.
Ecommerce Migrations & Integrations
Our ecommerce work is varied supporting operations from machinery shops to some of the largest nutition companies in the world. We love the complexity that comes with integrations and data feeds. We'd love the opportunity to discuss your current and desired states of your ecommerce operations
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Ecommerce related FAQs in particular questions and answers related to managing and growing an ecommerce business.

How does Google rank retail stores in map results?+

According to Google, their algorithm uses three major ranking factors to determine how to rank retail stores in map results. The first is relevance, or how closely a business matches the user’s query; the second is distance, or how close a business is to the person conducting the search; and the third is prominence, or how well-known and positively-regarded a business is. Of these, distance is the most important factor; it is difficult for a more distant location to outperform one closer to the searcher, no matter how good its SEO is. For relevance, the category and subcategories of a business listing are more important than exact-match keywords. Prominence is based on a business’s reviews, ratings, website traffic and backlinks, and other online and offline factors. It is most relevant when a searcher is looking at businesses in a more distant location so that immediate proximity isn’t an overpowering factor.

How do I get my website to rank higher in Google?+

To get your website to rank higher in Google, a number of different SEO strategies can be employed, and these different approaches should all be pursued in combination for best results. First, you should ensure that there are no immediate severe issues like manual penalties or delisting; these can be checked through tools like Google Safe Browsing and Google Search Console. If nothing requires fixing, then SEO involves improving your site in a number of areas: content quality, technical SEO, and offsite SEO. Content quality involves the material posted on your site: ensuring that it is original rather than copied from elsewhere, valuable and relevant to your visitors, and contains your targeted keywords. Technical SEO involves ensuring that your site is functioning properly: that your pages load quickly and are accessible from different platforms including mobile devices, that your navigation links are functional and not broken, and that Google’s crawlers aren’t blocked by your robots.txt file. Offsite SEO involves acquiring natural backlinks from other high-authority sites relevant to your industry and obtaining positive reviews from customers.

How do we increase Google organic search traffic?+

You can increase Google organic search traffic to your site by following good SEO practices. Here are five basic SEO tips. One, have a strategy to generate natural backlinks from high-quality, high-authority sites relevant to your industry. (Do not pay for links, as this is a spammy practice that is penalized by Google). Two, create unique and original website content. Sites hosting unique content are more likely considered high-quality by Google than ones which simply recycle material that is readily available elsewhere. (Of course, it should also be useful and relevant to your users). Three, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. As mobile devices are responsible for an increasing number of searches, Google is increasingly prioritizing it as a ranking factor. Mobile-friendliness includes such factors as having responsive design to display on different screen sizes and loading quickly even for less-powerful computers. Four, include relevant keywords in your content to optimize it for search. Including long-tail keywords in your content can target more specific queries, while placing keywords in important positions like titles elevates their importance. Five, make sure your site is secured by an SSL certificate. Security is a Google ranking factor, with https sites ranking higher than http ones. Beyond these five tips, further information on how to improve your website to meet Google’s standards can be found in Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Ecommerce Support and Growth
We'd love to help you build, maintain and grow your ecommerce operation

Our Approach to Ecommerce Growth

We combine our strengths in design, development, and digital marketing to create innovative ecommerce digital marketing strategies that put your products and services in front of the right customer.

Creative Retail Campaigns

It all starts with creating eye-catching content that entices your audience to learn more. Our omnichannel retail marketing approach means you’ll tell a cohesive, compelling story across email, social, paid media, and your own website.

Data-Driven Strategies

What channel is your biggest driver of sales? Is your cost per lead better on Google Shopping or Facebook? How much effort should you devote to paid media or SEO? Our eCommerce marketing strategies use a cycle of research, testing, analysis, and optimization to ensure you’re focusing on the right channels at the right time.

Full-Funnel Lead Generation

From digging into new markets to keeping your current audience loyal, we develop and implement strategies to increase your leads and retain your existing customer base.

Customer-Focused Web Design

Half the battle is getting your audience to come to your website, but what happens then? We ensure your site is set up to land sales by choosing colors, imagery, messaging, and navigation that encourage conversion.