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  • Check 2 websites for Google penalties!
  • Graphically see which Google updates impacted your websites
  • 1 minute setup!
  • Fully featured up to the last three months.
  • Highest Accuracy Available!
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3+ Websites (Paid version for agencies and businesses with more than 2 sites)

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  • Significantly cut down on your SEO research time

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How the Google Penalty Checker Tool Works

The exact formula used for the penalty checker tool is proprietary. What we will say is that we utilize our math Ph.D’s and our servers running a statistical analysis program to quickly isolate which updates have the most statistically significant impact on your website.

We also utilize third party information (but not data) from reputable sources such as and Barry Schwatz’s excellent blog posts on Google updates. When naming an update we try to follow naming conventions from Google or Search Engine Land to avoid confusion. You will see that we often name updates in-between larger updates such as Panda 20.1 or Penguin 1.5 to make up for updates that have not been reported elsewhere.

In addition, we do not ignore chatter on Twitter and certain private SEO message boards to help improve our forecasting. We do not use Google search rankings because Google’s terms of service disallow that. We do need a website’s Google Analytics data to improve the model.

As more people sign-up for this Google Penalty Checker Tool we are able to uncover previously undetected minor updates (so tell your friends about Fruition).


  • Businesses with >5,000 search visits per month.
  • At least 6 months of Google Analytics data. Omniture supported for enterprise level clients only
  • Two free minutes of your time (usually less).

Finding Panda & Penguin Penalties (and a few more)

  • Google Panda Penalty – Content related issues
  • Google Penguin Penalty – Penguin 1 and Penguin 2 now included! – Link building specific penalties
  • Formatting Updates – The order of search results and how that impacts your visibility.
  • Exact Match Domain Updates – Changes in the way domains are valued when the keyword is included.

How Accurate is the Google Penalty Checker?

Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker service provides a statistically significant result that highlights exactly which update impacted your website and if it was a positive or negative impact.

Here is a quote from one of Fruition’s advertising agency partners on the checker’s accuracy:

The tool helped us figure out if a Google update or penalty really did impact our client’s websites. Client’s love to say ‘F*** I’ve been penalized!’ Luckily, the explanation is usually that something is just wrong with the site or an update impacted a website’s content. Fruition has made it easy to figure out if a website is under a penalty, and if there are, what can be done about it. Very cool! Thanks guys.

Panda vs Penguin Google Updates (You’ll be Surprised)

Over the last 24 months Google has released a major update about every 6 weeks. These updates usually impact ~1% percent of search results. If your website is within the 1% you may have experienced encouraging gains in search traffic or depressing drops.

Fortunately, Google’s transparency has improved with their openness of the details about many of these updates and and what the updates are intended to improve. For example, Google Panda penalties are related to a website’s content. An example of a Panda penalty is keyword stuffing or content without sufficient image density (that’s a very simplistic explanation). Google Penguin updates are intended to penalize websites that have unnatural link building strategies. An example of this includes Google penalizing paid directory links and web spammers blog networks.

The Difference between Google Updates vs Google Penalties

By definition a penalty purposefully negatively impacts a specific website or group of websites because of something that the website is affirmatively doing or a way in which it is structured.

Not all negative impacts on a website’s rankings are penalties. Google may have updated a certain site structure or content type that they feel is not as desirable for search results. Thus, you website might be negatively impacted by a Google update but not technically “penalized.” Nevertheless, a drop in rankings feels like a penalty even if Google did not “reach out and say we’re going to penalize your website.” We often refer to most serious impacts on a website’s traffic and or search engine rankings as a Google penalty.

Start Utilizing Fruition’s Easy to Understand Business Dashboards

Fruition’s GPC dashboard is part of a larger enterprise level search marketing dashboard that our clients and partners have used since 2003. Fruition’s ability to graphically display a complex issue enables your company to quickly take action instead of spending hours just trying to identify the problem. The GPC specific dashboard is targeted toward search related visibility problems. Likewise, Fruition’s social platform focuses on social visibility and our security platform takes regular log data and enables your security professionals to take action. Fruition’s site analyzer is perhaps the most powerful dashboard that creates millions of data points off a regular website and allows you to pinpoint the most cost effective and highest impact item to work on. Start using Fruition’s GPC dashboard for free and you’ll get dashboard invites as room is available.

Fast and Free Penalty Checking

Signing up is easy. We are allowing a limited number of new businesses to join each day.

This ensures that our algorithms remain reliable and so our servers can scale. With the limited space available, if the free sign-up button goes to a “waiting for room” screen, simply enter your information and you’ll be invited when there is a spot available. If you get to the full sign-up, authorize Fruition to access your Google Analytics data and then get checking!