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Travel & Hospitality Success Driven Through Digital

I. Introduction - Website Content Revisions to Increase Traffic, a Case Study

C Lazy U Ranch, one of Colorado's top luxury guest ranches, has been a long-term partner of Fruition. Recently, we approached them with an idea to revamp their blog content and create a new content pillar focused on "Western Living." Our goal was to help them increase their SEO traction, attract more site visitors, and raise awareness of their ranch among those interested in western and dude ranch culture. We were excited to bring this idea to the client and collaborate with them to make it a reality.

II. Strategy - Top of Funnel Content Strategy

Fruition's marketing strategy focused on creating one blog per quarter that fell into the "Western Living" category. The blogs targeted top-of-funnel searchers who were interested in the authentic American West and searching for related topics. The agency's goal was to create valuable and searchable content that would drive traffic to the client's website.

III. Implementation - Driving New PageViews

Fruition created two blogs, "Western Slang" and "Western Fashion Tips," which earned rich snippets in October and July, respectively. The blogs gained 16,631 and 17,643 pageviews from August 1st through December 31, 2022.

IV. Results - 37% increase in Pageviews

Fruition’s focus on valuable and searchable content helped C Lazy U Ranch achieve its goal of increasing site visits and raising awareness of its ranch.

Fruition's marketing strategy resulted in significant improvements for C Lazy U Ranch's website. The two blogs' popularity played a crucial role in the following year-over-year wins:

  • 31% increase in site traffic to blog pages alone
  • 37% increase in unique pageviews to blog pages
  • 59% increase in time on page

V. Conclusion - Website Revisions Work

Fruition's focus on creating valuable and searchable content helped C Lazy U Ranch achieve it’s goals by increasing site visits, engagement, and awareness of their ranch. The agency's innovative approach to creating valuable and searchable content has proven to be an effective way to drive traffic and improve SEO.

VII. Lets implement this strategy on your site

Contact us today to discuss how our marketing strategies can help achieve your business goals. Whether you're looking to improve your SEO, increase site traffic, or drive engagement, our team of experts can create a customized plan to meet your unique needs.