What to Work on Next (WTWON) is the Question

Do you work on content, do you work on technical SEO issues, do you work on images, videos, how do you decide? At Fruition we developed WTWON® as a decision aid to cut down on the clutter in your brain. When you have too many choices you simply do not know what to do and you freeze up or worse you work in circles. By using WTWON you bring order to your tasks. This enables you to get to work faster and get more done.

WTWON helps you recover from drops in Google traffic

Most sites now don't get penalties. You have to be doing something really stupid like building 100k backlinks overnight on a new domain with spammy thin content. Instead of a Google penalty, you're often on the wrong side of an algorithm penalty so while not technically penalized you're website might be hurting.

Features in WTWON

  • Decision aid software to maximize return on effort
  • Utilizes extensive data analysis to minimize task creation
  • Takes the guess work out of what is working and what isn't
  • Alerts you to major issues with your websites on one dashboard

How to get access to WTWON?

WTWON is available to select clients. You can request beta access via our contact form.

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