Social Media Marketing / Get Friends, Fans, and Followers to Generate Business

Facebook Marketing

You may have heard some social media “experts” say don’t call the work you do for your company on Facebook “marketing.” Well that is what it is. You’re engaging customers and potential customers to buy more product, come into your office for a medical procedure, or use you when they need an attorney. Thus, we’re calling it Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing including pay per click ads, business Page creation, the actual engagement process (updating your Facebook Page), Facebook contest management, and Facebook app development.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter’s growth has certainly slowed in the second half of 2010. Nevertheless Twitter marketing can not be overlooked. Fruition’s Twitter marketing campaigns include Follower growth, SEO optimization of your Twitter profile, Twitter creatives, and actually running your Twitter campaign.

Foursquare, Myspace, Linkedin

Depending upon the client their our literally hundreds of additional social media platforms that may make sense to run marketing campaigns on. Contact Fruition today to get more information.