Our team makes digital
your competitive advantage

  • Drew Michael, Fruition

    Drew Michael

    VP Web Operations
  • Jim Collins

    Chief Growth Officer
  • Anca Bradley

    Director of Digital Marketing
  • Jonathan Mills, Fruition

    Jonathan Mills

    Vice President of Digital Strategy
  • Christy Anderson

    General Counsel
  • Chance Carlin

    Technical Sales Engineer
  • Barry Pompea

    Director of UX
  • John Aiello

    Client Engagement Specialist
  • Lynne Craig

    Director of Business Development
  • Sam Carlson

    Digital Coordinator
  • Tony Diaz, Fruition

    Tony Diaz

    Video Editor and Web Admin
  • Sam Gaard

    Drupal Developer
  • Lori Gutierrez

    Office Manager
  • Sam Jennings

    System Administrator
  • Jon Jordan, Fruition

    Jon Jordan

    Drupal Developer
  • Shae Kahn

    Shae Khan

    Social Media Manager
  • Courtney Miller

    Courtney Miller

    SEO & PPC Account Manager
  • Derek Miller

    Derek Miller

    Associate Account Manager
  • Peter McCarthy

    Peter McCarthy

    Senior Technical Project Manager
  • Mallory Mongeon

    Mallory Mongeon

    Email Marketing Manager
  • Aaron Scofield

    Aaron Scofield

    Web Admin
  • Jon Shah

    Jon Shah

    Client Engagement Specialist
  • Ben Smith

  • Scott Taylor

  • Jeff Williams

    SEO Project Manager
  • Nathan Winter, Fruition

    Nathan Winter

    UX Designer
  • Patrick Yuan, Fruition

    Patrick Yuan

    Account Manager