Fruition delivers multi-location healthcare technology and digital marketing strategies that drive patient growth.

Fruition assists in the creation and execution of your healthcare marketing and platform building

Fruition manages patient lead generation, patient engagement and technology guidance for multi-location outpatient middle market healthcare companies. Fruition’s engagements focus on keeping your existing patients coming back while finding new patients to grow your practices.

Strategic guidance through Fruition’s BUILD.GROW.PROTECT® Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Digital marketing strategy: Fruition guides your company in its understanding of each location’s marketable strengths to maximize organic patient flow.
  2. PE add-ons and platform purchase audits and blueprints: Two initial questions that often come up that we help you work through are (1) Should you rebrand your multi location healthcare platform? and (2) Should you create unique sub brands with highly targeted location focus?

Fruition’s BUILD.GROW.PROTECT® strategy for healthcare

As soon as we engage, Fruition’s strategy team leads a session to lay out quarterly objectives and key results for the first year of our partnership. These objectives are focused on understanding the proper patient growth metrics for your operation. This leads to intelligent marketing and patient satisfaction decisions.

BUILD. Design and development of your online properties and integration with data

  1. User Interaction (UI) mapping and User Experience (UX) design
  2. Persona development for patient targeting
  3. Data analytics for lookalike audience building
  4. Business intelligence and data extraction for executive and business unit leader dashboards
  5. Engineering and development
  6. Full website/CMS support (back-end and front-end with senior on staff engineers)
  7. Digital platform development to innovate in the space. If you want to compete with the Smiledirects of the world, we’re able to build the digital platform necessary to make that happen with a full stack development team.
  8. Exposing data from EMRs, PMS and other platforms to integrate into sophisticated client engagement cadences.

GROW. Digital marketing

  1. SEO – Local, video and maps with proprietary in-house tools to maximize your patient generation (
  2. Paid – Google, Bing, Yelp (pure scammers)
  3. Social – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  4. Amazon – Strategy and execution to generate patients from Amazon traffic

PROTECT.  Hosting

We offer 24/7 hosting and security monitoring of web assets, along with real-time backups with tested recovery processes and recovery objectives — you can trust that we’re looking out for your websites. We have maintained 99.99% up-time for years with faster-than-your-competitors’ page load times.

What your healthcare digital team often looks like when working with Fruition

Typical engagements include a senior VP of strategy, an account director, a mix of project managers and technical specialists (e.g. SEO, paid, engineers, content, etc.), all based on priorities and the life cycle of the business.

The size of healthcare clients that we engage with

Fruition is built to work with middle-market through enterprise-level health care organizations. We can work with smaller healthcare entities that are ready to scale organically or through acquisitions. We have done pre acquisition marketing audits and blueprints for a variety of PE firms focused on dental, vet and eye care.

The types of healthcare clients we engage with

Multi-unit retail healthcare organizations get the biggest pop from Fruition’s services. This includes vet, dental and hospice.

Skin in the game

In some instances, Fruition co-invests in growing healthcare companies.

Next Steps

We’d dig into location data and do a mini audit of the current state of each location and the company’s client growth engine. From there, we’d develop a formal proposal to outline what an engagement would look like. We could be fully engaged and add value within 60 days from now.

Let’s get Started with Increasing Patient Volume and Reducing Investment Risk

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Healthcare Clients

  • Focus Labs
  • Kaneka
  • Quanta
  • A Top 10 DSO in the US
  • Tru Family Dental
  • Ulmerderm

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