<30 Day Wordpress to Native App Development - Fixed Cost

Fruition creates native Apple iPhone (iOs) and Android (Google Play) apps that are controlled from your WordPress website. This means you update your WordPress website and your native app gets updated as well. This extends your website into the app marketplaces quickly with low ongoing fees. Fruition guarantees that your app will be submitted to the app stores within 30 days!

WordPress to iPhone and Android Native App

If you don’t have apps in the iPhone and Google Play stores you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your market. In almost all industries the mobile search volume is over 50% just on Google! If you factor in search within the iTunes app store and Google Play there is a significant volume of traffic that your competitors likely aren’t capturing.

Why do you need native iPhone & Android Apps

  • Increased search traffic/branding/visibility/real estate – Google/Bing
  • Increased search traffic/branding/visibility/real estate – iOS/Android
  • Increased visibility – real estate on phone screens
  • SEO Ranking Factor – if not now, definitely later
  • App Store Optimization (“ASO”)- Ranking Factors – App authority, start building now
  • Push Marketing = new revenue/lead gen opportunities
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Speed – Tapping an app is faster than loading browser, finding url, etc.
  • Internet of Things -> Need Apps –> A native app is the first step
  • New Marketing Channel = Access to new customers
  • **ROI** – Low cost for all the benefits above

Cost of WordPress to Native App Development

Fruition charges a one time fee of $7500 and an ongoing $500/mo for WordPress to Native App development. To schedule time on the development calendar a 50% deposit is required. The remaining 50% is due when the app is released in the Google Play and Apple App store. The ongoing monthly fee ensures compatibility with WordPress updates (API issues pop up) AND future iOS releases.

For tax purposes, WordPress to native app development projects are cap ex projects that fall under Section 179 (nice deductions).

App Marketing Services

App marketing services are not included but they are recommended. App marketing includes more advanced app store optimization, it can include paid campaign management, and social media. The most common goal of app marketing is increasing the number of installs of your app. This then increases the frequency of visits to your site and of course the number of leads or sales that your business gets. App marketing services can start in parallel with the development project for the maxim benefit at launch. Alternatively, app marketing services can start at a future date.

What’s included in your app for the fixed cost

Full native app development. Analytics integration so you can see stats within your current Google Analytics instance. Proper adjustments a sizing of images for apps. Creation of the necessary marketing material to submit to the store.

You own the copyright to the source code and can do what you wish with it in the future. We of course would love to keep working on it with you. We’ve been developing code for websites and then later for apps for 15 years so you know you’ll have a trusted partner that will be around for many years to come.

What’s not included in your app for the above price

Ecommerce integration. Any additional functionality aside from what is needed to make the app work on mobile devices. For example, “can you add x,y,z?” Yes, we can but not at the above price. The best path is to do this first app, get it submitted, get it installed on customer’s, client’s, or patient’s phones and then make plans for additional functionality and roll that into a future project. This is the popular lean development process applied to your business. The lean development process keeps costs down and ensures that your stop missing out on mobile business as soon as possible. There’s an opportunity cost of not having mobile apps. Reducing that cost as quickly as possible is important.

The above price assume that the app is submitted under the Fruition developer accounts. It’s probably a good move for you to create your own developer accounts. If you would like to submit the app under your own business name, which we recommend for branding and control of the code issues, then you need to setup a developer account with Apple and Google. The Apple Developer account creation is very time consuming. Expect to spend at least several hours getting this setup properly. Apple uses Experian to verify information about your business before they will approve the account. If you’ve changed business addresses or names recently expect to be frustrated quickly in trying to get this done. However, to meet the 30 day deadlines we would need to start this on day 1. Apple Developer Support is friendly and helpful, it’s just that the process is not very streamlined. We can discuss this aspect of the project in more detail to explain the pros and cons of having your own developer account.

Fees paid directly to Apple for a developer account are $99 and Google is $25. We cover the cost of the certificates and other licensing and setup costs.

It takes less than 30 days to Develop a Native App driven by your WordPress site

The current development backlog is ~15 days. This means we start working together today the app would be released to Apple & Google Play in ~16-18 business days. It then takes between 2-10 days for the app stores to approve the app and then it’s live.

We guarantee the time until your app is submitted to the stores is 30 days or less from contract execution or you get 2 mo of maintenance free ($1000 value)! We’re serious about making our deadlines and want to put our money on it.

Next Steps

We’d love to get started working on your app! Simply submit click on the “Free Quote” button in the upper right hand corner or call us at 303-395-1880. One of our sales engineers can take a look at your WordPress site and make sure that its a good fit. Most are. Then we send you a very simple Statement of Work (“SOW”) that you electronically sign. You’ll be assigned a project manager within 48 hours. The project manager will request some basic info from you that we’ll need to get started e.g. hosting information, WordPress login, etc. Then development starts!