Fast WordPress Hosting $49/mo

Fruition offers enterprise level fast WordPress hosting for companies that have outgrown shared, VPS, or even their own dedicated WordPress server hosting. Fruition’s fast WordPress hosting delivers millions of page views per month on dedicated servers built to deliver blazing fast, secure, WordPress page views with or without caching turned on.

Fast WordPress Hosting

Fruition’s fast WordPress hosting starts out at $49/mo with no long term commitment. We will even move your WordPress site over at no charge.

Nightly backups – Multiple Site Hosting

Fruition’s nightly backups are stored in geographically diverse data centers. This ensures that if there is ever a major failure with your website you can revert to a backups from the last seven days, weekly, and or monthly.

Fast WordPress Hosting with Cpanel that you know

We know that a lot companies that are using WordPress prefer the cPanel platform for easy administration thus we make it available to you. This allows you easy access to phpmyadmin, email, and the other easy to use features that you have become accustomed to leveraging for your website maintenance. You can also restore files and databases from right within cpanel. There is no need to contact us for support (but we will help if needed).

Fruition’s WordPress Hosting is up to 1000% faster than Amazon’s Web Services (AWS)

Fruition’s WordPress hosting is faster than an AWS dedicated large machine that is ~$170/mo not including support. With AWS, unless you pay for a high volume high memory instance, you are on the equivalent of a 2007 XEON processor (that is not good). With Fruition’s WordPress hosting you are on dedicated machines that have Intel’s latest X7xxx or x2690 low energy processors and SSD drives configured in RAID 10.

Enterprise Grade WordPress Security

With Fruition’s wordpress hosting we have multiple levels of security to protect your website from known and unknown vulnerabilities. Contact us today to find out more.

Fast WordPress Hosting Pricing

  • $49/mo
  • 3 Gb of Storage
  • Up to 50,000 page views per month
  • Unlimited I/Os
  • Nightly backups (can be configured for backups up to every 15 minutes).
  • Hardware and software firewalls
  • Additional IPs $10 (each SSL)
  • Additional low traffic websites $10/mo