Fast and Secure Hosting

Fruition’s hosting services are very specific to client needs. At any given time we have dozens of dedicated servers and several dozen virtual hosts running at 6+ geographically diverse data centers. There is never a one size fits all setup for a business.

High Traffic / High I/O – Dedicated Clusters or Cloud Layers

Fruition has clients using clusters (3 or more servers) and or using Amazon’s Web Services EC2. Because of the higher cost of using Amazon Web Services we typically do not recommend it unless scaling out is critical.

Fruition’s WordPress, Magento and Drupal Hosting and Server Setup

Many Fruition client’s use WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or a custom framework built site using Yii. Often clients utilize a semi-dedicated server to save money and produce excellent speed as well as 99.9% up-time. Fruition has several semi-dedicated servers for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. Each is configured for hosting these popular CMS platforms resulting in better performance at a lower price point.

Configuring a server for Magento, Drupal, or WordPress hosting is not as simple as turning on a server and letting it run. You need to ensure mysql is tuned properly and the OS (usually CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise) is probably configured.

Below is a typical Drupal, Magento, or WordPress hosting environment.

  • Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5430 – 2.66GHz (Harpertown) – 2 x 12MB cache
  • 96+ GB of RAM
  • 1000 Mbps to 10GB+ Public & Private Networks
  • Dedicated Hardware Firewalls
  • RAID 10 – Provides disk redundancy and real time backups. This means the only single point of failure on the server is the motherboard.
  • Intel Solid-State Drives
  • Redundant Power
  • Enterprise Backups using R1soft (Idera) with nightly backups to a geo-graphically diverse datacenters.
  • Software firewalls and modsecurity
  • 24/7/365 monitoring with instant response to critical failures.

The above setup is a typical semi-dedicated or dedicated server setup. In addition, we can also scale out almost instantly using a cloud layer through our partners at Softlayer.

In the event of a natural or man caused disaster we have data centers in Dallas (x2), Houston, Seattle, Denver, London, Hong Kong, and Washington D.C. This geographic diversity allows Fruition to ensure the absolute maximum up-time in the event of a serious datacenter loss.

Cloud vs Private Cloud vs Dedicated

Fruition’s recommendation for client’s IT setup various depending upon their needs. Fruition’s clients range from single website hosting to hosting the entire IT infrastructure for health care organizations using private clouds. We would love to discuss your IT needs with you to ensure that you are utilizing the best technology available at the right price.