Development Principles

Fruition’s roots are an SEO and SEM company. Through its need to develop world class websites (and later apps) it became apparent rather quickly that Fruition needed to develop a dedicated in-house design and development team.

Developing a website from scratch is a completely different game than doing SEO. Website development is in large part, a subjective process. Whereas SEO is largely objective. To best negotiate the website development world Fruition’s developers and website project managers undergo Agile training. Agile is process with twelve core principles. They are best summarized by saying that Agile welcomes change, results are driven by working the code and not overly burdensome project plans.

Fruition’s development process has boiled down its philosophies to four core tenants:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools (Fruition’s team needs to work with your team to get the desired look and feel for your website.
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation. Fruition doesn’t burden the project with extraneous reporting.
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Fruition wants the project to adjust and fit your company’s needs as the project begins taking shape.
  • Responding to change over following a plan. Strict adherence to preset project guidelines only ensures that the initial ideas are honored. Finding a new better way to design or develop a client’s idea is critical to long term project success.

Fruition design process

How Fruition’s Processes Help your Website or Mobile App Development Project

Fruition’s adoption of Agile (and other project management philosophies) means that your project will see fast, error free, development. You will see the iterations as they are prototyped and developed. This allows changes to happen quickly as opposed to only having a punch list at the end of your project.

For most website development projects Fruition works in 4 week sprints. This means a list of items that are going to be completed in 4 weeks are set in stone and then anything that can’t make that 4 week schedule goes into the next time period. This allows for a timely completion and more accurate forecast of work to be completed. Work to be completed is displayed visually in a burndown chart. Changes are implemented within the 4 week sprint. If the they can’t be completed they are pushed to the next 4 week cycle.

Burndown chart for web development

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