We build beautiful custom websites that meet your needs.

Redesigning your website is a big investment in time and money. When addressing website redesigns for small businesses the first comment is usually “we just want it to look better” for larger enterprises the first questions usually center on “how can it make us more money?” The answer to both questions is to fully understand the business needs, match the requirements with the right platform or framework, and then design the website to meet those requirements. Fruition’s website design and development team excels at planning a money making website and then executing on that plan.

iPhone & Android Mobile Application Development

The purpose of mobile application development is typically (but not always) to make a company’s website presence better for mobile users. However, more and more business are now starting with a mobile app and then developing a website to compliment the app.

Choosing a Web Platform

Some businesses care what web platform they are on others have no interest in hearing about it. If you don’t care you can skip this section and go on to the web design portfolio below.

What’s better Drupal vs WordPress vs Custom Frameworks?

1. Custom Frameworks – If the web application doesn’t fit one of the default Content Multiple System. Custom PHP frameworks include Symfony and CakePHP. These allow developers to get the basic site framework up and then develop the requested features quickly. Fruition has several advanced web properties using Symfony as the framework.

2. Drupal – Drupal handles user accounts really well. Thus, if you’re considering any sort of social aspect to the website or integrations with mobile iPhone or Android apps then Drupal is a great platform. Fruition has built and manages dozens of Drupal sites that generate millions of page views a month. One note of caution, it is fairly difficult to perform search engine optimization on Drupal sites. The available modules are years behind WordPress SEO plugins. Thus, if you just need a content management system WordPress is the way to go.

3. WordPress – WordPress is a great platform for basic business websites that simply need to update content. If you’re planning on having any sort of custom features or you need a decent amount of e-commerce features then WordPress is not the right platform. Additional small business CMS and blogging platforms include Joomla (which we don’t recommend but have experts on staff that can optimize), Expression Engine, and dozens of others.

4. Magento. Magento is the perfect solution for ecommerce development.

Let Fruition Quote Your Web or App Project

Fruition provides website design services to small business with budgets starting at $6500. Enterprise level web and app development services are available at various price points. Fruition’s talented development teams can augment your existing internal website design or development team or we develop a new website or web application from scratch. Fruition also has talented server administrators and security experts.

Fruition’s web developers have extensive experience in common open source platforms including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Often one of these platforms are a great starting point for your company’s website.