WatchGuard Firewall Management

Fruition’s WatchGuard firewall management services keep your network secure. With managed updating and monitoring of your WatchGuard firewalls your IT team can delegate edge control to Fruition’s team of Watchguard experts allowing them to focus on higher visibility projects, in particular end user support. The time consuming task of configuring and managing firewalls can now be off of your IT team’s plate. If you are an IT service provider working for many external clients Fruition can take over firewall management for all of your clients allowing you to handle more clients without adding additional resources.

WatchGuard Firewall Management Services

Fruition’s security team monitors your WatchGuard firewalls for crashes, ddos, and other security issues that put your network at risk. Fruition upgrades the firebox’s OS as soon as patches are released. We monitor crashes that cause network issues and perhaps most importantly we handle policy changes and auditing. Policy changes can be a very time consuming task for any IT department. We take all of this off of your plate.

As a WatchGuard Managed Security Service Provider, Fruition offers the latest next generation firewalls to clients in health care, manufacturing, retail, law firms, government, and other industries that have very high rates of attack. By stopping many of these attacks at the edge you are reducing the risks of a user visiting a malicious website or clicking on a bad link and leading to one of the hundreds of thousands of zero day attacks that hackers use to gain entry into networks leading to bad events such as cryptolockers and the theft of trade secrets.

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Watchguard Management Pricing

Because of Fruition’s ability to automate many of the routine management tasks our pricing is very reasonable. If you do not own WatchGuard firewalls Fruition can lease the devices to your or purchase them direction from us (no third party leasing company needed).

    Service engagements are often structured to:

  • Taking over of existing devices that still have active licenses;
  • Taking over existing devices with expired licences and renewing services;
  • Replacement of aging devices with newer next generation firewalls;
  • Install of new devices at facilities without enterprise grade firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
    WatchGuard firewall management services include:

  • Rock solid management security and enterprise network security expertise for a low monthly fee.
  • Predictable costs without large capital outlays and your IT staff can focus on helping your users.
  • Protection from viruses, Trojans, malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and phishing (phishing protection and testing available as an add-on with user training).
  • Security vulnerability scans and penetration testing for larger networks.
  • Compliance reporting for HIPAA, PCI, and other government required security standards.
  • Real-time upgrades when WatchGuard upgrades are released
  • Real-time reporting dashboards that can be setup in your office to monitor security events.

Taking over the management of existing firewalls can happen within 24 hours. Delivery and setup of new devices takes between 10 to 30 days depending upon the complexity of the network. Single location facilities are on the lower end. Multiple locations with many bovpns, complex policies, and other segmentation requirements take longer.