Top 10 SEO Guarantee

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex and difficult business. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and you absolutely have to stay within Google’s quality guidelines. Yet, you have to compete against competitors who outright flaunt Google’s standards and take shortcuts that often produce high rankings (at least in the short-term). Fruition is different. Fruition plays by the book and produces solid long-term results for your business. We’ve been in the SEO business for 10 years and with every major Google update our client’s rankings have remained steady or have increased. This isn’t by accident. This is accomplished through careful planning and extreme detail to Google’s guidelines. Our SEO team has the strategies that work and produce Top 10 Organic Search Engine Rankings dialed in so well that we offer a Top 10 Guarantee.

Here are the details of Fruition’s Top 10 SEO Guarantee:

  • If your site isn’t ranked in the Top 10 after 60 days for the target keywords we’ll refund your money.
  • Fruition has the final approval for selected keywords. For example, we will not guarantee the keyword “cars” or “Ford”. Approval takes place before the Agreement is signed.
  • There are no long term contracts.
  • All SEO services follow Google’s webmaster guidelines.
  • If you have other links built you have to leave those up i.e. you can’t make our job harder than it appears when we start.
  • If you’re running Google Adwords you have to keep the budget consistent or increase it during the 60 day period.
  • The SEO Guarantee must be specifically included in your SEO Agreement to be applicable to your SEO plan. Fruition offers SEO services on dozens of different levels and not all plans have an applicable guarantee.

That’s it. So if you want to get your site ranked in the Top 10 without any financial risk contact Fruition today to get started.