Google Penalty Checker

Graphically see which Google updates impacted your websites.

We utilize statistical analysis to quickly isolate which updates have the most statistically significant impact on your website.

Fruition’s Google penalty checker tool version 3 was released in Jan 2019! Since 2008, our in-house math and statistics team leverages our SEO and analytics knowledge to determine which Google algorithm changes impacted your website. Our Google Penalty Checker Tool takes two minutes to setup and is free for updates that are older than three months.

How does our Google Penalty Checker (GPC) tool work?

We combine data from the hundreds of thousands of other websites to determine when traffic, lead and sales changes are not random, not seasonal and not caused by other factors — such as the downtime of a website. We’re then able to display this to you in an easy-to-see graphical form. That’s the beauty of Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker tool — you’re able to determine within a few minutes which Google changes had a negative or positive impact. This then enables you to determine what you need to work on. We’ve augmented the visual with new machine learning that provides you with a more predictive task list in our What to Work on Next (“WTWON(sm)”) software package. We’ve conveniently combined all these elements into one tool that is available to our team and client’s teams.

Who can access Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker?

You can access Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker tool for free. In the free version, there are two restrictions: (1) You’re limited to two domains; (2) You cannot access the last three months of updates.


  • — Businesses with >5,000 search visits per month.
  • — At least 6 months of Google Analytics data.
  • — Two free minutes of your time (usually less).

Free for two domains! No credit card required.
It takes 2 minutes to setup.

2 min setup →

Free for two domains! No credit card required.
It takes 2 minutes to setup.

2 min setup →

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