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Fully managed website hosting

Fruition's infrastructure offers the right combination of availability and scalability. By matching the requirements of your website, visitor profile, and budget we put your website on the right hardware with the right configuration for your needs.

Many of Fruition clients use WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or a custom web framework. Most clients utilize a semi-dedicated server that offers excellent speed as well as 99.9% up-time. Servers are configured specifically for each CMS platform resulting in better performance at a lower price point.

Managed Drupal Hosting

Fruition hosts Drupal websites for universities, hospitals, federal, state, and city governments and general business Drupal websites. Fruition's Drupal hosting focuses on providing a secure environment that is fast and stable. Fruition's mass Drupal site hosting can enable one click drush updating to ensure faster updates upon security events such as the release of new Drupal related CVEs.

  • Fully managed Drupal hosting
  • Secure - dedicated hardware firewalls!
  • Daily file and database backups
  • Managed Drupal core and module updates available

Managed Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress security is a serious business. Fruition understands the importance and difficulty of keeping your Wordpress website locked down to prevent hacks. To combat the growing threat of exploitable Wordpress plugins and sites Fruition developed an extremely cost effective and reliable method (1) lock down your Wordpress site, (2) keeping it updated to prevent the most common vulnerabilities, and (3) monitoring the core of your Wordpress website in case it is hacked (fast detection and response). Fruition's managed Wordpress hosting provides real time updating of Wordpress core and plugins in addition to multiple layers of backups. Because of the high attack profile that Wordpress websites have; Fruition provides security monitoring to every site hosted with Fruition. This includes file level change alerting for real time blocking if an attack is successful. With the large number of zero day vulnerabilities in third party plugins Fruition runs a Web Application Firewall in-front of your Wordpress site to provide a higher likelihood of stopping attacks.

  • Fully managed Wordpress hosting
  • Wordpress core and plugin updates in real time
  • Daily file and database backups
  • Hardware firewalls with IPS monitoring
  • Checking of core Wordpress files against known vulnerabilities. Including Cross Site Scripting (XSS) SPAM Injections, Adultification of your website, Backdoors, and many more. Think virus scan for your Wordpress.
  • Monitoring of your site in Norton's safe browser, AVG's safe search, McAfee SiteAdvisor, and Google Safe Browsing. These services block traffic to your site if it is hacked. There are also false positives that occur which we detect and remedy quickly.

Managed Magento Hosting

Mission critical managed Magento hosting ensures that your website is running when your customers want to order. By allowing Fruition to take over your Magento hosting needs you can focus on running your business.

Fruition's Magento hosting scales with your ecommerce growth. From one server instances to dozens of servers that are geographic disperse Fruition ensures 99% up-time in a high security environment.

  • Customized security profiles for each website
  • DDOS and brute force protection built in
  • Daily file and database backups
  • Individual site monitoring, reporting, and 24/7 response