Improve your Search Engine Optimization by Increasing Site Speed

Site Speed is Important for SEO

Google recently announced that site speed is now a consideration in page ranking because faster load time makes for a better user experience. Users are also more likely to trust, and buy from, a website that has consistently faster load times. If a website takes too long to load, chances are, your customers may already be on your competitors site. This is why site speed is important for SEO.

Google does admit that this new factor in page rank will only affect a small number of sites, but those site are the ones facing tight competition. For example, if you and a competitor are equally matched on the web (great use of keywords, equivalent site traffic, and incoming links), site speed could be the deciding factor. So make sure your site is getting SEO love by being faster than your competitors.

Strategies for Improving Site Speed

So now that you know your site should be speedy to have better SEO, what can you do about it? Here are a few suggestions: eliminating wasteful redirects by using 301 Redirects, reducing HTTP requests by making your site simple and easy to load, optimizing stylesheets and scripts so they can be properly cached, and optimizing your images through compression and resizing.

Increasing your site speed isn't all that hard, it just takes some time to do things right. Let Fruition analyze and improve your existing website or build new and have SEO be a primary focus through the development process. Who knows? Our efforts at search engine optimization through speed alone could help you nose out the competition when it comes to the finish line.