Find duplicate titles and H1s with Fruition's Site Analyzer tool

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Fruition's SEO site analyzer looks at every document and page type on a website and produces easy to use updates. Page types that are analyzed and parsed for updates include php, asp, xml, html, jpg, png, redirects, and more. The analysis of every document type compared to other websites that are ranking well produces easy to follow recommendations for how to improve your website page by page.

The SEO site analyzer runs on an on-demand, daily, weekly, or monthly schedule as determined by your subscription. To try it out create an account - Fruition's site analyzer and quickly find your duplicate titles, duplicate H1s, low word count, and low image density pages.

Find duplicate titles on a website

Use Fruition's site analyzer to find duplicate titles across 1 or 100,000 websites. Fruition's site analyzer finds all of the duplicate or near duplicate titles on a website with no setup on your part.

Why use Fruition's Site Analyzer
Google likes to see unique pages on a website thus the ideal website has almost zero duplicate titles and H1s. Fruition's site analyzer looks at exact matches at near duplicates which Google may view as being identical.

Fruition's site analyzer compares similar pages that rank well and uses a machine learning algorithm to offer suggestions. Thus, you may see titles that look pretty different but are showing as duplicates within your site. That's not by accident. Those pages are not providing value and can trigger a Google Panda penalty. It's important to note that pages that are about the same subject are great to have. It's when the pages do not offer new value to a site that the Google penalties start to roll in.

  • Find duplicate titles fast
  • Matching algorithm to find titles that are near duplicates
  • No software to download or install
  • No software to upgrade
  • Scan 1 to 1+ million websites for pennies per page

Find duplicate H1s on a your website(s)

  • Find duplicate H1 tags fast
  • Match near duplicate H1s that count as duplicates to Google
  • Scan all of your websites fast

Duplicate H1 tags indicate pages that may have content that is very similar to other pages on your website. The best site structure utilizes silos of content that is related but not duplicate. Eliminating duplicate H1 tags is a good first step to optimizing your site structure for Google's most recent algorithm.

Find 404 errors on your websites

404 errors are pages that are broken on your website. If its just a page that is broken you can do a 301 to an appropriate page or to the homepage. If you have low quality links pointing to the 404 page you can do a 302 redirect to an external site to help reduce the negative impact of those low quality inbound links.

  • See all 404 errors and other problems from your site
  • Alerts when new 404 errors pop up

Minimum content threshold of a website for better Google Rankings

  • See which pages on your site have a low content count
  • No more guessing on words per page
  • Quickly identify pages on your websites that need more work
  • Content count updates based on 1,000,000+ websites and how their rankings fluctuate in Fruition's Google penalty checker tool

The minimum content threshold is a unique feature to Fruition's site analyzer. We look at which pages are ranking well across all of the websites in Fruition's Google Penalty Checker and develop a minimum content threshold score.

Receiving quick updates you can work on these pages to add in-depth, high quality, original content.

Find pages with low image density

Image density threshold is another unique feature to Fruition's site analyzer. Using the 100,000+ websites in Fruition's Google Penalty checker we determine the ideal mix of images (and video) to content. If your image density is low you can get caught by one of several Google's Panda triggers that look for this type of content.

By quickly sorting which pages on your website have low image density you can create priority image creation for these pages to get them ranking better or you can consolidate pages with similar content but no images.

  • Avoid Panada penalties
  • Changes as Google's algorithim changes
  • Exclusive to Fruition