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FRUITION Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Fruition manages hundreds of thousands of keywords through Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter. Our expertise, automated bid, and ROI management will ensure that you pay the absolute minimum for each keyword. The result is an ROI that cannot be matched. Fruition is an official Google partner and our pay per click management staff are all Adwords and Google Analytics certified. If you need PPC management, we can work with you to develop a PPC campaign or take over your existing PPC campaigns on Google, BING, and Yahoo! Additional engines are also covered such as Kanoodle and Findwhat.

Fruition is a PPC Ad Campaign Management firm located in Denver. Fruition manages over $1,000,000 per year in online ads for services companies including LASIK clinics, for business to business companies including the largest marine plywood importer, and various media companies. If you are interested in setting up a PPC campaign management account or would like Fruition to optimize your PPC campaign through please contact us through the form on the below.

Choosing a Pay Per Click Campaign

You can try as hard as you want to boost your organic SEO, optimizing your site keywords and page structure, but sometimes you just need that little extra traffic boost to put you over the top and onto the first page of a Google search. One of the ways you can get on top quickly and drive traffic to your site is with a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. Creating a PPC campaign is easy, but managing it properly can be much harder.

The first task in any PPC campaign is selecting the proper keywords to target. A keyword list is assembled using all keywords associated with your website as well as derivative phrases that have been used on search engines. The more specific the keyword is the more cost effective the promotion will be. For example, the phrase “bobbie brown lip concealer” is more effective than simply “lip products.” Thus, the more products a store carries, and the more efficient the website is at directing individuals to the page featuring that particular product, the higher the conversion rate will be.

Are you overspending on your PPC campaign?

Fruition is a leading provider of Pay Per Click (PPC) management services. PPC is the fastest growing advertising medium across all advertising sectors. If you’ve attempt to run your own Google AdWords, Yahoo or Bing campaigns by yourself, you understand the difficulty involved with producing profitable campaigns. Trust Fruition to manage your Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing pay per click campaigns to produce the best results at a competitive rate.

PPC management is usually run in parallel to a SEO campaign. This allows your organic and paid campaigns to leverage the keyword knowledge obtained. For example, if you have a PPC landing page that has a high exit or bounce rate you know that it likely is not going to rank high organically. Fruition’s PPC and SEO experts work together to ensure that pages that need optimizing are not falling through the cracks. This PPC and SEO on page optimization work ensures that you do not pay for unnecessary clicks and that your Adwords campaigns produce profitable results.

How does Fruition get such great results?

We focus on consistently fine tuning your PPC campaigns to find the best results. Here are some of our main focuses when building a PPC campaign: writing new ads to split test to get better performance, pause lower performing ads, add and adjust keywords to increase traffic, continually adjust bids to get the most conversions for the money based on the ever-changing marketplace (competition, seasons, holidays, weather, etc.), create new ad groups where appropriate to better target keywords and ads to customer segments, adjust budgets as needed to stay within budget targets, add negative keywords to keep from showing ads to untargeted searches, adjust bids based on device performance (desktop vs. mobile).

We also adjust geographic targeting of the individual campaigns to make sure we’re showing to the correct region and removing ads from geographic regions that don’t convert well, change the day-parting (times of days when ads are shown) based on conversion history, delete and/or change the match type of keywords with low click-through rate (CTR), add site link extensions to show visitors other relevant deeper page links within the ads, add call extensions to entice people to pick up the phone, continually optimize to make the campaign as profitable as possible within your budget, continually adjust keyword bids to meet cost per conversion goals, turn off or adjust keywords which have high bounce rate and/or low time on site according to Google Analytics data.