Is an Online Data Leak Harming Your Reputation?

Data breaches targeting the information of everyday people are becoming more common. Once your information and activities are out in public, it’s only a matter of time until it starts causing reputational harm.

Following the leak of sensitive information, it may only be a matter of days before searchable websites appear — following the model of websites that make mug shots publicly searchable. Once your information is public, it is crawlable by search engines, fair game for reporters and bloggers and easily shared or gossiped about on social media. Each one of these activities is another chance for a negative search result to make its way onto the first page.

Personal online reputations are just as important as business reputations, even if you’re not a celebrity or politician. Taking proactive steps to strength your digital reputation on your own terms can help push unwanted search results off page one.

How We Do It

Fruition’s Reputation Management Team has extensive experience discretely managing and modifying online reputations to help our clients achieve the results they want.

First, we’ll analyze your search results to understand your current online reputation.
Second, we’ll work with you to understand your concerns and what you’d ultimately like to achieve. We’ll make suggestions and create a customized plan fit your particular circumstance.
Third, we’ll put that plan into action and report on the results.

To address your personal online reputation, the Fruition team will create a custom SEO optimized website to promote you, your work and your interests. If you already have a website, we’ll take a careful look to make sure it’s meeting all SEO standards and ranking as high as possible. The same treatment is applied to your social media profiles for maximum SEO and better search results.

Fruition also takes extra steps to promote a positive online image, such as generating sponsorship opportunities, creating a personal Wikipedia page, helping you become a contributor to popular online publications and other refined tactics based on your particular needs.

With the right approach and carefully crafted solutions, Fruition can push down search results from .gov, .org and .com domains, review pages and media outlets.

With a variety of reputation management packages to choose from, Fruition can help with short-term crisis management or maintain your digital reputation for the long run.

Why Reputation Matters

When your private information is made public, there are a number of things others might do that can harm your reputation. Some people create searchable websites; others will list every name and piece of information from a leak on a single webpage. Every new site like this can become another search result in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
When this happens, people who search for your name might only see results linking to this leaked information, harming their opinion of you and damaging your reputation. Bad search results can affect:

  • Your job prospects
  • Your current employment and future promotions
  • Your dating and social life
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Custody battles

While there is little you can do about protecting the information that’s been stolen, you can take a proactive approach to protecting your online reputation. A strong, positive, properly optimized digital presence will push poorly maintained and less reputable websites down in the search results, replacing those sites with information you actually want people to see.

Proactive online reputation management is the best thing you can do to keep a data leak from affecting your reputation — and your life.