Google Analytics Backups

Backup Google Analytics

We all backup our computers, our servers, our phones, our drone configurations, our kids paintings, even some cars have configurations that you can backup. Yet, odds are that you are not backing up your Google Analytics data. We know the odds are not good because until now it has been very difficult, if not impossible, to back-up your Google Analytics data on a regular basis. Fruition is proud to introduce the first Google Analytics data backup service. Now you can have peace of mind that your Google Analytics data will always be available and it is only $5 per domain per month regardless of your websites traffic.

Fruition's Google Analytics data backup service gives you piece-of-mind that you will always have the most important aspects of your website's performance including

  • unique visits,
  • page views,
  • traffic sources, and
  • bounce rate.

To backup your data simply login to Fruition's SEO tool, connect your GA account, and pay $5 per domain. It's that simple.

Why you need to backup your Google Analytics data

There are two big reasons every company must back-up their Google Analytics data:

      Google Data Collection Limits Delete GA Data
      First, Google has stated that they will begin deleting data from certain Google Analytics accounts when you cross thresholds that they set. This is Google's way of getting more users to upgrade to paid version of Google Analytics. If you have not received an email from Google about your data being deleted you are likely safe for now. However, this raised our eye brows into the disposiblity of all of our Google Analytics data. We of course do not want to loose the historical data including all visits, page views, ecommerce, and orders.

      If you do not take action within 30 days of receiving the email, we will stop processing data for the property. If you do not contact us to upgrade to Google Analytics Premium within 60 days after we stop processing your data, your property (including all historical data and configuration information) will be subject to deletion.


    Accidental or Purposeful Deletion of GA Data

    We've unfortunately talked to individuals at companies who have accidentally deleted their Google Analytics data. This usually happens when there are multiple profiles and or filters and the user tries to clean up the profile and deletes the wrong account. Luckily, Google has a trash can service that saves data for 35 days so if you realize it quickly you can restore. Restore GA Data.

The difficulty is in restoring data. If your Google Analytics data gets deleted and you need to utilize Fruition's GA restore service we will help you restore. There's a chance that the data will not restore perfectly but the goal is to have a high level overview of your GA data for long term comparison.

How to back up your Google Analytics data

  • 1. Login to Fruition's SEO/SEM Tool Set
  • 2. Connect your Google Analytics account
  • 3. Active backups - Backups run nightly as long as you are paying for the backup service. It's that simple.

Google Analytics Built for Leading Companies &
Agencies that take their data serious

Fruition's Google Analytics backup service is built for companies that want to back-up their own GA data and for agencies that want to manage backups for their SEO clients. For companies, it is piece-of-mind that you will always have the basics about your web traffic. For SEO agencies and web development shops, it is a great value added service for your clients. Because of the low cost per month we do not offer any additional discounts for agencies. For enterprise subscribers of Fruition's SEO toolset we include the service free of charge.