Fruition makes Email marketing your competitive advantage

Email marketing excellence - more than bulk sends

If you want to excel in internet marketing, you have to make use of all the tools available to you. If you are going for direct marketing, then email marketing might be the perfect choice and a powerful tool that every marketer should have and use. It is used to keep in touch with previous customers to encourage loyalty by sharing what's new with the company and what new products are available. For potential customers, you can send them e-mails telling them about your products or services.

But how do you get them to opt-in in the first place? The most common strategy by internet marketers is to offer newsletters or some freebies which the individual would receive if they opt-in. The good thing about e-mail marketing is that you can talk directly to the customer. A personalized e-mail would make people feel at ease with your brand which could lead to them to making that first purchase, add another product to their current order, or make another purchase even long after they made the initial deal.

Design, Track, & Optimize your Email Marketing Campaign

Fruition can setup your e-mail marketing campaign for both internal custom lists and outside lists. Fruition does not send any emails out. However, we can work with you to design, track, and optimize your email marketing and work with third party email providers. Most e-commerce software has email marketing features built in. After the creation of a template, the process includes optimizing the list, timing, developing the right offer, etc.

CPA or eCPM cost structure: The Action in CPA can refer to a lead or sale. It is more common to see Effective Cost Per Thousand (eCPM) deals now where the effective rate of the ad is averaged out. Conversion rates of less than .0001% are typical. The down side to any mass marketing campaign using outside lists is negative feedback from angry recipients of the emails and potential liability from Can-Spam and other federal and state anti-spam laws.