Expert E-Commerce Development Designed Specifically for You.

Attaining Your E-Commerce Website’s True Potential

Fruition elevates website design for e-commerce to the next level by employing expertise and creativity to implement optimum Magento web design, or e-commerce development for any other platform. Fruition provides the perfect nexus of e-commerce marketing services, making it possible for both large established businesses and brands just entering the eCommerce arena to flourish.

While we specialize in development for the Magento platform, we also have experience optimizing web shops using osCommerce,, Shoppify, Zen Cart and other e-commerce platforms.

What we do:
  • Determine your needs and consider your visions and preferences for your business website
  • Find the most effective means for enabling your site to captivate customers through various e-commerce marketing services
  • Create an enviable ecommerce website design that brings consumers in and then keeps them on the site through the purchasing process
  • Design and implement the technology that makes a great, profitable site a reality

E-Commerce Design

E-Commerce websites require expert attention from the outset in order to achieve business success. Poorly designed sites fail to deliver on profits and create frustration for both users and businesses, eventually requiring major retrofitting. At Fruition, e-commerce development includes attention to every detail of your site as well as keeping in mind the specific goals and conversions in order to help your business succeed.

Our e-commerce design process starts with an in-depth review of your current sites UX and Information Architecture. We'll find current user trends on your existing web site and build off of this data for the restructuring of your future site. Our primary goal with an e-commerce redesign is to not only make your site more attractive to users, but to make sure your site is easy to use from start to finish.

Next we move to the design phase. Our e-commerce design process is very dialed in and starts with a set of mood boards to get an overall look and feel of the site based of of your brand and target audience. Once approved, we begin to mock all the major pages of your e-commerce store. We begin with the homepage, product grid page and the product detail pages. We make sure we organize all the information so your customer is able to find exactly what they need as fast as possible.

Take a closer look at some of our portfolio e-commerce sites:

View our E-Commerce Portfolio

E-Commerce Development and Magento

Fruition’s e-commerce web development creates intuitive site designs that function superbly and engage consumers, including those using mobile devices. Great website design for e-commerce means a plethora of quality content offering valuable, useful information about products to consumers, as well as user experience, navigation, and other items to help increase sales and conversion rates. In addition, we plan for the future with our website design and include the latest trends in website design as well as the ability to handle increased traffic and sales.

Fruition’s custom development delivers e-commerce success. While we specialize in Magento development, we are not limited to it and handle e-commerce website design and development for platforms of all kinds.

If you're in need of development services or recommendations on your existing e-commerce platform, feel free to reach out. We would also love to discuss moving you to the most used e-commerce platform on the market, Magento. Our e-commerce team would love to talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have.

SEO E-Commerce Expertise

Fruition’s ecommerce marketing services, including Magento SEO services, employ a broad spectrum of talents combined with technical expertise and business prowess. High conversion rates derive from quality optimized content that goes beyond run-of-the-mill website copy.

We also have tons of experience setting up and managing social media efforts, managing PPC campaigns, creating and optimizing feeds to various online malls and much more

Fruition's E-Commerce SEO Efforts also Include:
  • SEO-friendly category breakdown and product descriptions
  • Product-promoting guest blogs
  • Demonstration and How-To Videos
  • High-end photographs and diagrams highlighting product features
  • Social media connections that harness internet buzz to drive up interest in products

Making the Move to Magento

As Magento experts, Fruition addresses all aspects of custom Magento web design, encompassing all facets of the platform. Let us show you all Magento has to offer when implemented through Fruition’s e-commerce development services.

Magento Security and Management

Fruition manages Magento security from 1.x through 2.x that are hosted on Fruition's infrastructure or on your own or at a third party such as AWS, Azure, or Digital Ocean. We handle all hosting and management needs including security patching and backups.

If your Magento site has been hacked we offer Magento hack clean up services for a fixed fee.