Protect Your Data and Defend Against Attacks with Fruition Security.

A History of Security-Focused Development

Denver-based Fruition launched a new interactive security service for e-commerce and lead based web sites. the service scanned web sites and servers looking for vulnerabilities that may compromise consumer data. Once the web site was tested and verified a security seal was issued depending upon the level of certifications the site received. This system was eventually replaced by a full-fledged security team.

Fast forward to 2013 and we are still doing security behind-the-scenes. We have a dedicated WordPress and Drupal security team that has developed an interesting log analysis platform that alerts admins of common hacks including when core files have been suspiciously adjusted. Our security services have always been a very fun part of Fruition and we invite you to ask any questions about how we can help improve your companies Internet-based security.

WordPress and CMS Security

Wordpress security is a serious business. Fruition understands the importance and difficulty of keeping your WordPress website locked down to prevent hacks. To combat the growing threat of exploitable WordPress plugins and sites Fruition developed an extremely cost effective and reliable method (1) lock down your WordPress site, (2) keep it updated to prevent the most common vulnerabilities, and (3) monitor the core of your WordPress website in case it is hacked. Best of all Fruition’s WordPress security service is extremely affordable! Fruition’s WordPress security service includes:

  • Updates installed as they are released from WordPress.
  • Checking of core WordPress files against known vulnerabilities. This includes Cross Site Scripting (XSS) SPAM Injections, Adultification of your website, Phishing attempts, Backdoors, and many more. Think virus scan for your WordPress.
  • Monitoring of your site in Norton’s safe browser, AVG’s safe search, McAfee SiteAdvisor, and Google Safe Browsing. These service block traffic to your site if it is hacked.