Create Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Brands

A New Mobile Search

In 2015, media time spent on mobile devices official outpaced time spent on desktops. Unfortunately, the mobile experience is often a frustrating letdown. Websites are slow to load or cluttered, videos refuse to play and links are too small or close to click. To encourage better mobile web design, Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project: an initiative that uses a streamlined approach to the design and functionality of a web page.

Google’s accelerated mobile pages appear in a carousel above the regular search results, pushing AMP-friendly content immediately above the fold. These AMP pages, which load at lightning speed, are stripped of extraneous design features and provide only the necessary content and media. Though mobile-friendly sites remain an important component in any business’s online presence, Fruition’s services can create Google AMP pages for all content to widen and enhance your reach.

Get Pages Google AMP Ready

To build AMP pages, you need a thorough understanding of Google’s guidelines. If an AMP page doesn’t follow the framework, it has no chance of showing up in the Google search carousel. Several commonly used website design techniques are forbidden in AMP pages—external stylesheets, for one—while others are very limited, such as JavaScript. With some businesses and publishers pushing out hundreds or even thousands of pages of content, it seems like an unwieldy task to create accelerated mobile pages each and every time. Fruition’s AMP page design services speed things up, tackling any AMP page project with ease.

Our team of web developers and designers, always keeping an eye on emerging trends, is prepared to easily turn your content into valid Google AMP pages. Fruition is known for creating beautiful websites and we extend those well-honed skills to producing the most simple, streamlined pages with our Google AMP page services.