Content refresh

EffKey is Fruition’s proprietary web content development system. Web site marketing strategy is the cornerstone of this methodology. All of our content building and management techniques are focused on achieving a high search engine ranking optimization in combination with compelling and useful content that increases the likelihood of return visits and customer follow through. Fruition will focus on your website content and development throughout the creation process.

Let me guide you through the process we use to create your web content. It starts with the keywords you select when trying to reach high search engine ranking optimization. If you already know the keywords you want to use then all you need to do is give us the list and we’ll be sure to incorporate the keywords properly. Each piece of content can have a 3-5 keyword focus.

If you still need to find your keywords we can help you with this aspect of your web site marketing strategy. With our website content and development services at Fruition we can help you find keywords that are most likely to work well for high search engine ranking optimization as well as higher conversion rates.

In the third step we apply all that we have learned in our many years of search engine optimization consulting. In this step we take the exceptional work of our copywriters and we test it against our vast body of knowledge, which invariably leads us to modify the copy to attain full optimization. In this part of the process we take as many quantitative and statistical measurements as possible so that we can understand all the dimensions of the content and what may need to be changed in the future as content analysis by the major search engines changes.

After this step we pass the content through a final grammatical and error checking step, keeping in mind all of the previous revisions, so that you end up with the best possible final product, a product that will become a cornerstone of your website marketing strategy.

A final step to our methodology is in the post-production life of the content. Through our experience in search engine optimization consulting we have found content theft and content stagnation to be major impediments to SEO. That’s why we offer two services that will help to ensure the high search engine ranking optimization of your content well into the future.

Content ReFreshSM – to keep your content up to date for search engines as well as customers.

Content ProtectionSM – to protect your valuable content from spammers and others who would use your content for their own gains.