SEO Verticals / Special SEO Services for Niche Industries

Our SEO teams are broken down into specific vertical markets. This ensures that your project manager understands exactly what needs to happen to have a successful SEO campaign. While the Google algorithm is standard across all industries the competition in each industry varies so widely that an SEO strategy that works in hotel management will not work in an elective surgery market. Thus, our vertical focus for SEO campaigns ensures that we optimize the campaign properly.

Targeted SEO Teams for Niche Industries

Below are specific business areas that we have dedicated SEO teams that get what it takes to compete in. Of course we have clients that fall outside of these verticals yet these verticals represent a good chunk of Fruition’s SEO work.

  • Elective Medicine and Marketing Driven Medicine – Cosmetic surgery, LASIK, Dermatology, Bariatrics, Urgent Care, Anti-Aging, etc
  • Attorneys – Personal injury, DUI, bankruptcy, corporate, IP
  • Large Business E-commerce – Larger ecommerce websites that are generating $10 million or more of annual revenue.
  • Small Business E-commerce – Smaller ecommerce websites generating up to $10 million in annual revenue.
  • Small Business SEO for Local Markets – Small business service oriented companies. SEO for small businesses ranging from home auotmation to specialty manufactures to restaurants.