Hiring a Web and App Development Project/ Account Manager with Experience

Fruition is hiring a web and app development project manager. You will be responsive for all client communications, scoping the project, and coordinating with Fruition’s sales managers, designers, developers, QA team, and SEO experts to complete web development projects on time and within budget.

You must have a bachelors degree from a major university. Extra classes and or certification in process/project management is highly valuable. Drupal Jobs We do not practice strict Agile but like to pull from several methodologies.

Your experience in managing processes will augment our existing development process to ensure smooth running projects with the highest client satisfaction. Your refinement of our processes is integral part of your contribution to Fruition’s team.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Competitive pay up to $55,000/year commensurate with experience. Benefits and bonuses are available.

Drupal Experience Highly Valuable

Experience working with Drupal is highly valuable. Fruition has developed hundreds of Drupal sites for clients from simple to extremely complex with 100,000’s of users. Understanding how to manage Drupal projects as well as knowledge of the current state of Drupal development is essential to your success.

WordPress Experience Highly Valuable

Fruition digs WordPress. We’ve developed our own theme templates based on Foundation. Experience with WordPress is assumed to be given considering it is ubiquitous.

Magento Experience

Magento is a different beast than WordPress and Drupal. If you have Magento experience great. If not we’ll teach what you’ll need to know. You’ll likely start by managing Drupal and WordPress projects first.

Mobile App Dev Experience

Mobile app development is fairly similar to web dev. However, experience managing several larger app development projects is preferred but not necessary.

Project Management Philosophy

Fruition uses Active Collab with a LOT of custom work. Experience with Activecollab is great but not necessary. It is the most intuitive project board available today.

Breakdown of Web Development Manager Responsibilities

(~35%) Manage the web development and design team

  • Coordinate and develop, mentor, train, manage, and support a team of highly talented web developers
  • Work with the sales and SEO team to ensure projects meet specific deadlines.
  • Responsible for architecture and design pitching (with designer).
  • Manage all day-to-day development activities from development to testing for all front end web development work

(~35%) Client interactions

  • Ensure clients fully understand the development processes and timelines.
  • Work with clients to get necessary feedback and approvals.
  • Coordinate client deliverables to ensure their items are completed and do not cause issues with projects.

(~30%) Web Development

  • Write, modify, code and or design elements. Ideally you are an excellent design and developer. Realistically being great at one is what we are looking for e.g. write great php or have great design skills.
  • Work closely with the team to ensure they are effectively writing, modifying and debugging
  • Rapidly prototype new ideas and concepts as needed
  • Support all production applications that the team is responsible for developing
  • Assist with hiring new members for your team.
  • Utilize git

Fruition’s Team

Fruition was started in 2003 primarily as an SEO company. We now perform a wide range of SEO, web design, web development, app design & dev, and other Internet marketing services. Like you would expect for a Colorado company we are laid back, work hard, play hard, and are involved in a lot of outdoor activities from cycling, to running, hiking, etc.

Fruition offers fun benefits including covering entries into your athletic events, health care, a company loan policy, Simplified Employee Pension, and more.

The ideal web development project manager candidate

The ideal candidate enjoys working with people (shocker), has a thorough understanding of management techniques and methodologies, has managed complex web design and development projects. Experience at a Fortune 500 enterprise and or consulting experience at a major firm is a plus. Very well versed in LAMP development and design work. Ideally an expert at both or at least one e.g. a great designer with ok development skills etc.