What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a web site to allow search engines to better index the site. Simply put, if search engines cannot read the page properly the site will not be ranked high for target keywords, or in a worse case scenario not ranked at all. SEO is the process of ensuring your website is ranked properly and fairly for all relevant keywords.

SEO is not spamming or tricking the search engines. Instead it is improving one’s website to ensure the search engines can accurately access the information on the site and present it to visitors when the proper search terms are used. Visitors who use the search engines to look up your keywords are the type of quality, targeted traffic that is most likely to lead to a sale.

While advanced, Fruition’s SEO services are also straight forward. Fruition improves a website for the visitor, thus providing relevant useful information. During this optimization process Fruition keeps the search engine’s preferences in mind – preferences which are frequently changing. Therefore, you will enjoy increased traffic from ranking high for the proper search terms, while also increasing the number of leads or sales because of the improved site architecture, coding, and/or design.

The bottom line is that any successful website needs properly performed SEO. Without it, quality traffic tends to trickle to a stop. Also, there is simply too much competition within every major industry as everyone has an online presence nowadays. Make sure you are outranking your competitors by means of SEO. We can make this happen for you! Contact us for a quote and so we can get acquainted with your project.