SEO and Internet Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

Hotel internet marketing and website search engine optimization (SEO) for resorts are part of the specialty marketing services offered by Fruition. Our proven internet marketing services for hotels and resorts are designed to significantly increase the level of traffic to your website, generate an ongoing source of internet bookings and qualified leads, and improve your hotel’s overall revenues and profits, no matter your location around the world.

Resort internet marketing is based on the importance of having your hotel website show up within the top ten results for both the “paid search” and “unpaid search” sections of a search engine’s result listings. Internet marketing for resorts works to gain these positions in order to maximize the effectiveness of your online presence. Utilizing proven internet marketing services, we aim to have your hotel’s website show up in the top ten or even top three spots of those sections.

Internet Marketing for Hotels and Resorts Drives Visitors to Your Website

To greatly increase the ROI for your hotel’s internet marketing efforts, we will first help you optimize the metatags and content on your website so that search engines identify your site as a good match for anyone looking for a hotel in your area. For example, if your hotel is located in Miami, Florida, common sets of keywords may be used to search for your hotel, including “hotel Miami,” “hotel packages Miami,” or “resort Miami.” By ensuring that these keywords appear within the content of your website, the search engine will naturally identify your website as a match.

Internet marketing for hotels also use other methods to bring traffic to your site. In addition to aiding website searchers identify you by location, product or service (i.e. Miami hotels), our internet marketing program offers “geo-targeting” services. Geo-targeting is a way to identify any internet searchers within a certain distance of your hotel through IP addresses. Even if these searchers do not include a city or specific location in their search, we can ensure your website will show up in the search engine results listings for their query.

Internet Marketing for Hotels and Resorts Has an Ongoing ROI

Hotel internet marketing has added benefit of continuing to produce results over time without any additional investments. Most likely, you will even get more qualified leads visiting your website in the seventh month of your hotel’s internet marketing program than in your third month. And, all the visitors that are being driven to your website are highly qualified – we know this because they qualify themselves when they type in search terms that describe the hotel packages and hotel rooms you offer. In addition to these benefits, you actually own the advertising vehicle you are using, so you don’t have monthly fees like you would for newspaper and magazine ad placements, etc.

The Results of your Hotel’s Internet Marketing Services are Actively Monitored

Another benefit to internet marketing for hotels is that all the results can be tracked at a very detailed level. We can tell you exactly:

  • How many new visitors you received through search engine marketing
  • Where each visitor is coming from
  • What each visitor does when they come to your site (i.e. what pages they look at, if they book a hotel package or room, etc.)
  • How many visitors are converted to hotel customers
  • If leads were generated through phone calls

Internet marketing for hotels is one of most efficient and affordable ways to drive up bookings and increase revenues, especially when considering how competitive the travel industry has become in markets across the world. To learn more about our internet marketing services for hotels, please contact us today.