Internet & Website Marketing for Cosmetic Dentists and Orthodontists

If you are a cosmetic dentist, dentist or orthodontist internet marketing & SEO is the most cost effective method ensure you have an ongoing stream of patient leads. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most valuable ways to improve your marketing reach. The reason that search engine optimization works so well is because it specifically targets potential cosmetic dentistry patients in your area who are searching for the procedures you offer (i.e. “cosmetic veneers”) and brings them to your website.

For instance, if a consumer who is located in Phoenix wants to find a cosmetic dentist near them, he or she will likely type in a procedure name and the city name into the search field: “cosmetic veneers Phoenix”. Then, the search engine will automatically display the websites that have the keywords “cosmetic veneers” and “Phoenix” throughout. So, the cosmetic dentist offices that optimize their websites with these keywords in the best way will be displayed at the top of the results list. This in turn drives the most new visitors looking for their cosmetic dentistry services to their websites.

While most people search for cosmetic dentists who are located close to where they live, some people may be willing to drive a bit farther. To capture those leads as well, you can include regional keywords into your SEO marketing strategy. For example, if someone located in Denver, Colorado is looking for the best cosmetic dentist in the region, he or she may search for: “cosmetic dentist Front Range”.

Local Keyword Searches Vs. Geo-Targeting

In addition to targeting internet searchers that specify a location, which we outlined in the information above, Fruition can also help you identify the location of online searchers through IP addresses within a specific distance from your cosmetic dental practice. This is called geo-targeted internet marketing. So, if your cosmetic dentistry office is in Phoenix, but an internet searcher does not include “Phoenix” in the search field, we can still identify the searcher as being in the area and make sure your website appears in the search results list.

As the competition among cosmetic dentists continues to grow – especially in large markets like L.A. and New York – both of these methods of search engine marketing are emerging as the best and easiest ways for cosmetic dentists to maximize their marketing budgets and increase ROI. And, not only is SEO marketing very affordable, the leads are also of the highest quality – remember, the internet searchers you are targeting are specifically looking for you!

How Internet Marketing Campaigns for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Practice Will Work

The SEO internet marketing services Fruition provides will be focused on obtaining targeted leads through the major search engines. We consider ‘targeted traffic’ any type of traffic that has been pre-qualified, and therefore is much more likely to convert into business for your cosmetic dentistry office. When someone is actively looking for your cosmetic dentistry services, they are considered pre-qualified.

The two types of searches we will focus on include searches that specify both a location and the general service you provide (i.e. New York cosmetic dentist, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentist office, etc.), and searches that identify a location and a specific cosmetic dentistry procedure (i.e. “porcelain veneers New York”). Through strategic and robust search engine marketing, we can deliver a great conversation rate using focusing our efforts on these search terms for any market.

The Ongoing Benefits of SEO Marketing for Cosmetic Dentists

One of the most key benefits to targeted internet marketing is that it will give you cosmetic dentistry practice increasing returns over time – which is the opposite of most other marketing tactics. You will actually get more leads during the sixth month than you will in the third month, but you don’t have to make any additional investments. And, you own the communications platform (your website) that you are using, instead of paying a paper or magazine to continue publishing your weekly ad.

We Will Track the Results of Your Internet Marketing and SEO Efforts

It can be difficult to quantify many types of marketing tactics, but that is not the case with our services. We can tell you exactly how many leads you are getting from your search engine marketing, including:

• where each visitor is coming from
• what each visitor once he or she arrives at your site
• how many visitors turned into a lead
• if leads are generated through phone calls

This means you don’t have to guess how much your internet marketing is helping your cosmetic dentistry business. All you have to do is read the monthly reports that we provide you to get all the information you would like to know.

In short, internet marketing for individual cosmetic dentists or cosmetic dentistry practices is the most valuable marketing tool you have available today – it’s time to start using it to lower your costs and increase your number of highly qualified leads.