How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of altering a web page so that it ranks higher in the organic (non-paid) listings of search engines. Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask are “crawler-based” because they “crawl” or “spider” the web and create their listings automatically based on what they find. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blueprint provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide outlining how to improve your search engines rankings. We identify any potential problem areas and highlight areas of improvement. This is not ge­neric information that you can find elsewhere on the web or in books. This report details specific improvement areas that are customized for your site. You can perform the work in-house, or we can optimize your site for you.

An Overview of Fruition’s E-Commerce SEO
Fruition optimizes e-commerce websites for companies just getting online or for companies that need to improve their existing e-commerce or website to increase the level of traffic and conversions. Fruition is a Denver based company serving companies in the U.S., Mexico, and China.

SEO for organic keywords (unpaid) is the most complicated task for any online marketer. The first component of an SEO campaign is researching the proper keywords to target. Without the proper research, results are guaranteed to be negligible.

Fruition’s SEO includes new content, site optimization, keyword research, and link building. These four tasks make up the core of a successful SEO campaign.

1. Initial Consultation
Fruition begins each project by meeting in-person or over the phone to define your product or ser­vice, competitive landscape, and goals with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. This lays the groundwork for the next phase which is keyword research.

2. Keyword Research
Your Internet Marketing efforts will be in vain if you fail to target the proper key­words. For example, there would be absolutely no benefit for an auto dealership located in California to be listed #1 under “Ford dealership in Colorado.” Alternatively, trying to secure the #1 spot for “Ford dealership” would be cost prohibitive due to competition from sites with more established SEO campaigns. Thus, Fruition’s keyword research finds keywords that will produce great results in the fastest amount of time. Your goal should be to use the right keywords to attract the right customers. Therefore, target­ing the right keywords is the cornerstone to your Internet marketing efforts. Knowing which keywords to focus on will help you:

  • Improve search rankings by modifying your existing pages
  • Jump start your paid internet advertising campaigns
  • Incorporate these keywords throughout your entire marketing efforts (press releases, white papers, marketing materials, downloadable PDFs, etc.).

At, we utilize a multi-step process which includes: brainstorming keywords related to your business; analyzing competitors and similar businesses to see what keywords they target; utilizing keyword research tools (including a database of actual search queries compiled over the past day, week, month, and year); and employing lateral and thesaurus searching to uncover the best terms. The goal is to identify those keywords that uniquely relate to your business and are currently being used by visitors to major search engines.

At Fruition, we are experts at keyword analysis and will uncover the best terms to target for your business. We wil work with you to create a listing of top keywords grouped into related categories.

3. Website Content Development
Fruition’s professional website copy writers can create new content that is highly valuable to your site resulting in new visitors and improved conversion rates. All website content developed by Fruition takes advantage of our Triple Edit service to ensure the highest quality. All writers are native English speakers with degrees from major universities.

4. Website Optimization
There are hundreds of variables that go into determining a page rank. The search engines evaluate elements such as titles, body text, image alt tags, and other fac­tors when determining your ranking.’s experts can modify page titles, hypertext links, link text, alt text, body text, and meta tags. We will present suggestions on new pages, and analyze your navigation structure and site layout. We will check your site’s current visibility in the major search engines, and identify any potential problems that may be pre­venting your site from achieving higher rankings

Additional Considerations
The importance of tracking software to highlight the value of a customer is very important. It may turn out that a certain keyword phrase produces better initial conversion rates, but the individuals purchasing that particular product do not turn into repeat customers. Thus, multivariate regression analysis is useful to determine the value of each keyword.

Time frame

  • SEO campaigns take 21-90 days for solid results to appear for established sites. Results for new sites depends upon several factors.
  • SEO time requirements: ~30 hours first month, then ~20 hours a month.

SEO Pricing
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