Health Care Cybersecurity Services from Fruition

Fruition is a technical consultancy managing digital security for health care companies and digital product platforms. Fruition handles very specific security needs including the edge of your network (firewalls), your website and related servers, as well as internal security audits. Fruition partners with your day-to-day IT provider (internal or external) needs of organizations. By specializing in very specific cybersecurity projects we’re able to offer the highest level of security while offloading very specialized tasks from your IT department. Fruition’s clients include the Department of Justice (firewalls), the Department of Energy (Drupal), and various health care organizations throughout the U.S. from single location facilities to large national multi location facilities.

If you’re a physician that is part of a larger group ask your IT department if Fruition can take some of their workload off and defer some risk of security at the same time. If you’re a physician that is an owner/manager of your practice we can setup a very secure environment quickly to minimize the risk of a databreach. Contact us today to discuss your security requirements.

Fruition’s cybersecurity services focuses on hardening health care, government, and other high risk networks and websites. Fruition’s Digital Security group is a dedicated team within Fruition. Started in 2003 and focuses on health care and other businesses, government entities, and other high profile clients in the U.S.

Average cost of a health care data breach per patient
(Poneman institute link below)
Lost business after a breach
191 days
Avg time it takes to realize you’ve been breached