Protect. Digital Security Services

Fruition is a technical agency managing and protecting the full technology stack for health care companies and digital platforms including hosting clients in the US. Fruition’s Digital Security services focuses on hardening health care, government, and other high risk networks and websites. Fruition’s Digital Security group is a dedicated team within the larger Fruition agency. Fruition, started in 2003, focuses on health care and other mission critical systems business in the U.S.

Fruition manages the full technology stack from networking to marketing automation. Fruition’s access to extensive data from firewalls, switches, websites, as well as user devices from the Internet of Things (“IoT”) provides a robust core from which Fruition monitors and proactively hardens security of networks and websites.

Fruition offers three core security services. First, Fruition’s website security monitoring and hardening keeps malicious code and users out of your mission critical websites. Second, Fruition’s firewall management focuses on Watchguard firewalls. Watchguard firewalls offer the right mix of enterprise features, including high availability, advanced persistent threat detection, and class leading performance, at an affordable price. The third security service offered is Fruition’s Intrusion Detection System (“IDS”) system. Fruition Security’s IDS device sits behind your firewalls and monitors for malicious traffic that is inside your network.

Fruition is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant.

Secure Hosting Services

Fruition’s hosting services include hosting of infrastructure. Learn more about Fruition’s hosting.

Cloud and On-Premise Firewall Management

Fruition is a Gold certified Watchguard firewall provider and manages private cloud and AWS infrastructures. Learn more about Fruition’s Watchguard Firewall Management for On Premise and AWS Cloud Firewall management.