Website Updates on

Updates to a non-profit website improves the user experience, resulting in improved bounce rates and longer session duration.

The Problem

Markle and the Skillful team wanted to make several updates to the Skillful website to better reflect their initiatives and goals. The team also wanted to create a better user experience for site visitors to make it easier for users to learn more about the organization.

The Solution

Fruition worked with the Skillful team to design updated layouts and modules that could easily co-exist with other areas of the site that were not being updated. By using an agile approach, Fruition designed and built out a few modules at a time and worked with the Skillful team to add new content and updates on a rolling basis. This helped Skillful users take advantage of site updates sooner instead of waiting for all modules to be completed.

The Outcome

By updating the site on a continuous basis, visitors were given a better user experience sooner. Updated modules and layouts were seamlessly integrated into the existing site, and both old and new pages worked together to better demonstrate Skillful’s initiatives and goals.


Improvement in bounce rates (YoY)


Increase in average session duration (YoY)