Ontario Thinks Business

Ontario Thinks Business

OntarioThinksBusiness.com Redesign and Drupal 8 Upgrade

A website redesign coupled with modern, compelling visual messaging brings new business to the City of Ontario.

The Problem

The City of Ontario, a long-time client of Fruition, needed to upgrade their Economic Development site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. At the same time, they wanted a new, modern look and feel to match the Economic Development branch’s recent brand update. The client hoped that the Drupal upgrade and new site design would ultimately bring more business to the City of Ontario.

The Solution

Fruition knew that creating a visually compelling site was key to setting the City of Ontario apart from the rest. At the same time Fruition wanted to ensure the beautiful design was matched with sound site development, navigation, and user experience. By completing a user flow assessment, SEO analytics and research, a competitive analysis, and thorough design and prototyping, Fruition developed an eye-catching design and intuitive user navigation structure.

The Outcome

With lots of attention on crafting a custom design, Fruition created a beautiful site that teaches business owners how their company can thrive in Ontario. With so much attention devoted to the visual design, Fruition backed up the site’s aesthetics with solid user experience flows to make the site intuitive and easy to use. By consolidating the Economic Development Agency’s extensive content and organizing it to make popular items easy to find, Fruition improved the site navigation, content structure, and overall user experience.

Content Structure

An in depth content audit and site mapping exercise ensured that information is intuitively and clearly organized. The problem of an abundance of disconnected content was solved by consolidating the primary content into clear structures and focused on its value, messaging and audience interest.

User Experience

Users are better able to identify and find the information they’re looking for. Strong visuals help tell the story. The target audience can identify what stage they are in and find information specific to their need. A clean, simple design reduces clutter and confusion and improves the experience.

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