MPulse Software Inc.

MPulse Software Inc.

MPulse Software Redesign & Development

A persona-driven approach to website development streamlines the user experience and highlights industry expertise.

The Problem

MPulse Software Inc. wanted to give their website a modern look and feel, improve the user experience, and develop a new logo. Their old website contained a plethora of content for their users, but these resources weren’t organized in a meaningful, intuitive way. By redesigning the website and simplifying the user experience, MPulse Software Inc. hoped the new site would better engage users and highlight their expertise in the industry.

The Solution

To design a user-friendly site, Fruition completed a comprehensive discovery phase, which included a technical audit, brand analysis, persona development, a full content audit, and a user flow assessment. Using this wealth of information, Fruition designed a new logo to capture MPulse Software Inc.’s brand personality and built a WordPress site from the ground up. Special attention was paid to building a custom content structure to manage the vast library of resources and blog articles on site and make it easier for various user roles to access the information they needed.

The Outcome

With improved site navigation and a custom information architecture, every site visitor can quickly find the content they’re looking for. The mobile-first design ensures customers access the site’s full functionality regardless of the device they’re using, and new content was added to the site to improve searchability and SEO. Together, these updates demonstrate MPulse Software Inc.’s expertise in the industry and positions them as a reliable and trustworthy partner for equipment and facilities maintenance organizations.

User Navigation

Users can quickly and easily find relevant content

Content Structure

Custom information architecture organizes resources and blog articles

The new homepage.

The new Software page.

The new Resources page.

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