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Liver Doctor Website Redesign

User-focused discovery and redesign provides a big boost to e-commerce conversions and page speed.

The Problem

Although sales were at a record high, Liver Doctor’s website was due for modernization and optimization to improve the user interface. Users had trouble navigating the website on mobile devices and reported slow loading times. Due to outdated graphics and a clunky checkout system, there was a low conversion rate even though the site experienced a lot of traffic. Meanwhile, the end-of-life date of Magento v1, which was used to build the site, was fast approaching.

The Solution

To drastically improve the user experience while rebuilding the site in Magento v2, we reimagined the entire site, from the backend coding to the styling, theme, and logo. By focusing on a natural user flow, we created a progessive disclosure concept to allow users to drill down into more detail as they navigated the site. At the point of sale, we created an intuitive front and back-end system that made it easy for customers to purchase any of Liver Doctor’s 100+ products.

The Outcome

The improved back-end system drove loading time down to a second or less for uncached pages, and the UX design that created a 1-page checkout system improved Liver Doctor’s conversion rate by 48%.


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in average page load time

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