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Hiring UX Designer

Fruition is hiring a UX Designer to bring new energy, strategic thought and creative vision to our client website and product work. Fruition’s talented group of digital marketers and engineers greatly values creative vision and is looking for someone to blend strategic thinking, with an eye for creating work that convert.

This candidate will be responsible for building a clean and effective user experience for our clients in a mix of industries from health care to software products. By working cross-functionally, this candidate will understand needs from the product management, engineering, and business stakeholders and will be able to build solutions that fit those needs.

We’re looking for someone with the tenacity and maturity to ask the right questions of clients to get to the design that’ll produce the best results.

  • Communicate efficiently in a cross-functional digital development environment
  • Present visually so that information is easy to digest and understand
  • Work and collaborate with other designers on the team to create unique interactive solutions
  • Work and collaborate across departments (design, development, marketing) to produce client deliverables and recommendations
  • Assist with sales proposal design when needed
  • Position reports to the Director of Engineering

Position Type:

  • We’re hiring full time and part time contract UX Designers

UX Designer needs

Asking the right design questions

Design is as objective as subjective. Yes, you read that right. Asking the right questions narrows down functional requirements to remove feelings and guess work. An inquisitive nature is required.

Top notch design thinking

What converts and sells? Drilling down to client objectives and matching with personas is required.

5+ years of UX experience

We’re looking for someone with at least 5 years of UX experience. Experience at an agency is preferred.

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Fruition’s Benefit Package Includes:

  • Health insurance assistance
  • Dental, vision and life insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Maternity and paternity benefits
  • Flexible, team-guided PTO
  • 401k with 4% company match
  • Equity incentive possibilities
  • Bonus potential
  • Reimbursement for entry into marathons, cycling races, gaming tournaments, etc.
  • Ownership opportunities, not options real ownership

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