Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist

Build. Grow. Protect – Through Email Excellence

Fruition believes in building, growing and protecting our client’s digital properties. Email marketing touches all three components. As an email specialists you’ll build email campaigns and guide template creation, you’ll grow lists and clicks and you’ll protect brand reputation by ensuring proper list hygiene and appropriate privacy and compliance.

Providing more detail you’ll strategize, plan, and then execute on our client’s email marketing campaigns. Email campaigns range from random one time sends to sophisticated multi month automations.

Measures of Success in the Email Marketing Role

There are two primary components of being successful in the email marketing specialists role. Both are fairly easy to measure. First, you are either having fun sending a ton of emails and generating business for clients or you are not have fun. The second measure of success is more objective and includes measurements for success include total sends, opens, clicks, sales and leads across all client campaigns. As a team we will work to remove barriers blocking you from being successful. We do that by having an exceptional in-house content, design, development and account management team. You’ll have assistance on all fronts.

Email Marketing Specialist Career Growth Path

You can stay in an email marketing specialist position and continue to refine your skills by taking on more complex projects. The growth as a specialist and refining your email skills is limitless. You can progress from specialists to senior email marketing specialist. If you want to manage a team of email specialists you can become an email marketing manager.

Email Tools in Use at Fruition

At Fruition we’re email platform agnostic. We know what works for certain businesses and we recommend platforms as needed. We don’t take commissions or cuts from ESPs so as to remain truly agnostic in our recommendations to clients. At times, there are conversions from one platform to another which you’ll lead. You’ll use a range of platforms to manage email driven relationships from Salesforce/Marketo, to custom apps sending through Sendgrid, to Maropost, to Active Campaign, to ecommerce retargeting, to the occasional Mailchimp instance.

Hiring Timeline

Interviews begin for this role the week of June 17th.

Email Marketing Specialist

Job Responsibilities

  • Working with Account Directors to organize and recommend the most effective email cadences and calendars.
  • Working with Fruition’s content team to organize deliverables for campaigns.
  • Planning and executing effective email tests.
    Tracking conversions or sales to beat client’s KPIs.
  • A strong data driven approach to email marketing.
  • Test email campaigns, designs, and deliverability to ensure the high reputation scores for all clients.

Preferred Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of professional email marketing experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong larger agency experience
  • Experience with enterprise clients
  • At least one year at current position or returning from a life break e.g. maternity/paternity leave.

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Fruition’s Benefit Package Includes:

  • Health insurance assistance
  • Dental, vision and life insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Maternity and paternity benefits
  • Flexible, team-guided PTO
  • 401k with 4% company match
  • Equity incentive possibilities
  • Bonus potential
  • Reimbursement for entry into marathons, cycling races, gaming tournaments, etc.
  • Ownership opportunities, not options real ownership

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