Drupal 8+ Developer

Hiring: Drupal 8+ Developer

Fruition is seeking a solid mid-level or senior Drupal Developer to work on complex, enterprise-level Drupal 8 and 9 projects. If you are passionate about working on fun and challenging projects, this is the start of a great career move. This is a position for progressive developers who love professional development and tightening the loop between learning, open-source contribution, and real-world application. 

Job Description

As a Drupal Developer, you’ll spend your time creating custom functionality on new and existing projects in Drupal 8 and 9, with a focus on backend development. The Drupal Developer will spend 80% of their time writing great code, 10% reviewing code of peer developers and/or contractors, and 10% ensuring projects are aligned alongside dedicated project managers. 

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Applying architectural knowledge to new projects
  • Engineering large scale and complex websites using Drupal, including custom module development, key contributed modules and the core API.
  • Maintain and administer Drupal modules and sites
  • Applying knowledge in SQL, relational databases and MySQL
  • Working with front-end developers in bridging modern CSS, JavaScript and other relevant technologies to the  back-end.
  • Integrating open source and third-party applications into existing systems
  • Writing clean, well designed code, following industry best practices.
  • Senior level: Solving complex performance problems and architectural challenges.
  • Assisting the sales process with estimates on future work.
  • Providing peer review to others.
  • Senior level: Mentoring more junior team members.

Required Key Skills and Education 

  • Working knowledge of Drupal 8+, including dependent technologies, e.g. Symfony framework components.
  • Our Drupal practice is heavy on Drupal Commerce, so experience in this ecosystem or JSON:API and decoupled environments is strongly preferred. Strong underlying software development lifecycle knowledge and skills are required – be prepared to debate the merits of service decoration vs. replacement.  
  • Experience with complex codebases; ability to install from source, scaffold example content and work on sites without requiring database dumps or production artifacts.
  • Knowledgeable and opinionated about software maintainability. A stickler for inline and user documentation as well as OOP development patterns that yield maintainable code.
  • Experience contributing to both Drupal and other upstream projects; tell us how you solved a problem for a client by submitting bug fixes?
  • Up-to-date on new and upcoming language constructs. Help us roll out opcode preloading for Drupal 9.
  • Comfort at the SQL command line.
  • Skills in writing unit, kernel, browser and functional tests, and can debug them in the IDE.
  • Debugging fu with Xdebug and other profilers.
  • Enough JavaScript to speak intelligently with our front-end people. Experience with React a huge bonus, but not strictly required.
  • You can write Twig and debug it with breakpoints in PhpStorm, too.
  • Experience as a member of a team using SDLC basics like CI/CD, constructive code review and mentoring of juniors.
  • Strong command-line git skill.

Benefits Summary

  • Work/Life Balance – opportunities for flex schedule and remote work
  • Flexible Paid Time Off Policy (no pre-set limits)
  • Health insurance including medical, dental, and vision (partial employer-paid medical)
  • Life insurance, short- and long-term disability, and supplemental voluntary benefits
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Parental Leave
  • Sabbatical 
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Employee social and fundraising events

Salary Range – Dependent on experience 

  • Drupal Developer: $60,000-$90,000 annual salary, commensurate with experience, skills, education and/or training
  • Senior Drupal Developer: $90,000-$120,000 annual salary, commensurate with experience, skills, education and/or training

Domicile requirements

  • Fruition prides itself on hiring a diverse, global workforce. International applicants are accepted for the Drupal developer hire. We currently have Drupal developers in the country of Georgia, the UK, and various other countries around the world. US, EU and Eastern European countries are preferred.

No agencies or recruiters, please.

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Fruition’s Benefit Package Includes:

  • Health insurance assistance
  • Dental, vision and life insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Maternity and paternity benefits
  • Flexible, team-guided PTO
  • 401k with 4% company match
  • Equity incentive possibilities
  • Bonus potential
  • Reimbursement for entry into marathons, cycling races, gaming tournaments, etc.
  • Ownership opportunities, not options real ownership
  • Remote Working / Flexible Schedules
  • Paid Sabbatical

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