There are many challenges with selling apparel online, but none too challenging for the Fruition team and

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Increase in Mobile Revenue

Client Background is your one-stop suit shop! This online apparel merchant specializes in bringing high-quality suits and dress clothes to consumers at a reasonable price. They believe that looking sharp shouldn't break the bank.

Established in Denver in 1986, the style mavens at Clothing Connection have been in the men's fashion business now for almost 30 years. They joined the e-commerce world in the late 2000's, and have since seen dramatic growth in their consumer base.

Fruition Services

Clothing Connection originally sought digital marketing help from the Fruition team in 2009. At the time, their online store was built using Yahoo! Stores. We quickly discovered that the Yahoo! e-commerce platform didn't offer the control necessary to effectively to build SEO results. There were too many limitations with the platform, so we recommended the client make the move to Magento.

This involved a redesign and complete database migration. After migrating to Magento, the effectiveness of's SEO efforts increased by a landslide.

In addition to the first redesign, we completed a second redesign, in order to make the Clothing Connection site responsive and 100% mobile-friendly.

What Were Their Results?

1st Redesign — Magento Migration

The first redesign involved migrating Clothing Connection's database from Yahoo! to a superior platform, Magento. The migration was highly-involved and included help from our team with integrating and merchandising products through custom features. As a result of the redesign, CCO's ability to control essential SEO features was highly enhanced and their product conversions increased.

2nd Redesign — Responsive Redesign

It's hard to believe now that there was an era of website design that didn't include responsive design. When responsive design came around, it was time for a new mobile-friendly redesign that would allow our client to capitalize on the smartphone shopping market. The website now offers customers a seamless shopping experience, even when they're on their smartphone or tablet.

Data Feed Management

Google Shopping is a powerful way to acquire customers. In order for e-commerce websites to take advantage of Google Shopping's outreach though, they need a data feed manager that feeds their products to the Google Merchant Center.

As it is with all things, Google is awfully particular about the types of data feeds it will accept. If your product has multiple product variants, like's, such as size and color, your data feed will need to properly share those variants with Google. Out-of-the-box data feed managers don't process these variants well, so the Fruition Magento team developed a custom extension for Clothing Connection that properly sends product variants to the Google Merchant Center.

Custom Tools
  • Curated Content

cco-outfits2 The number of ways e-commerce businesses can connect with potential costumers is ever-expanding. Curated content is one of the many excellent ways e-commerce businesses can showcase products in a different light.

That's why the Fruition team helped built a custom tool on the Clothing Connection site that allows the CCO team to create outfits, using multiple SKUs. Customer can then browse the outfits, and pick and choose the pieces they want to purchase.

  • Custom Sizing Tool

It's important to also provide your customer with resources that empower them to confidently make purchases in your online store. Especially when shopping for apparel online, it's difficult to determine how an article of clothing will fit without the added benefit of being able to try the item on before purchasing.

size-tool To alleviate potential conversion losses because of size concerns, the Fruition team developed a custom sizing tool that generates the customer's recommended clothing size based on a series of three measurement questions.